Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mighty Leaf: The Tea That Ruined Me

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been mentioning tea a lot lately.  My best friend noticed, but every time she asked for the brand, I would say, oh just wait, I'll be posting about it soon.  So finally she resorted to going behind my back and asked The Agronomist to get the name.  

I wasn't being difficult.  It's just that I didn't want to just give her the name, I wanted to show her the tea in all its glory. (but unfortunately she's very impatient, and I had to email her the name last night...The Agromomist made me.)

I may have mentioned on occasion that I tend to be on the frugal side of the extravagance scale.  What this means is that I have no clue about higher end items. For example, if you had asked me what a Cartier watch was?  I would recognize the name in regards to jewelry and such, but that would be about it.  When I found out yesterday what the price point was for a watch, all I could think was. . . Yikes!  

I do know there are watches out there called Tag something or other, that if sold, could help finance a new vehicle for our family, but that is someone elses life, and I'm happy to leave it to them.  I would be paralyzed, for fear of losing these said items.  So it suits me just fine to buy and lose a $30 watch a year, and not have to think twice about it.  But now I'm wondering?   When I live to 100, will I think "Damn, I should have bought a Cartier after all."  

At this point you are asking yourself, "So what does this have to do with tea?" 

Normally I would be happy with my usual box of Red Rose tea.  But that ended seven weeks ago, when my lovely refined sister decided to introduce me to a whole new tea bracket with her Christmas Gift of favourite things.  

I'm not sure if I should thank her.  I was perfectly happy with my old tea.  Life was simple back then.   

It all began when I opened the box, and discovered the tea bag was made of something I don't even have in my unmentionables drawer (which I promise never to make reference to again).  It was a finely crafted piece of stitched netting, that felt silky to the touch.

I was almost afraid to use it, it was so delicate and refined. 

But then I poured the hot water over it, and my life changed forever. 

The color, the aroma, it was . . . exquisite.

Now for you tea purists out there, it is best if you don't look.

I am very sorry, but it's the only way I know. And I'm too old to change. (what you are witnessing here is denial. . . because "everyone" knows I only take one tsp. of sugar)

For the past seven weeks, I have been enjoying tea like never before.  It has brought me back to the days of my childhood when we would wake up to the shrill whistle of the kettle.  In fact the coffee maker left me a note asking who had replaced it?  It no longer resides on a pedestal in the kitchen.  I have found a new friend.  Mighty Leaf has become my constant companion.  

And there is a sense of urgency to this newfound friendship.  You see, I am down to the last cellophane wrapped bag.  And I'm not sure what to do?

The tea is $15 a box.  And within that box are fifteen tea bags.  Do you see my dilemma?  I figured it would be the tea I could pull out for a special treat, but, Oh no.  I cannot seem to go back.   My Red Rose will never be the same.

I now understand the path that can lead to Cartier watches.  

I'm sure it likely started one day with a simple cup of Mighty Leaf Earl Grey tea.  

I completely understand now.

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  1. I got some Mighty Leaf from an acquaintance who works for a coffee company. I still have quite a few of the flavors left, but no Earl Grey, which is my favorite!

    Also, since there are actual "tea leaves" in the bag and not just ground up tea, you can steep the bags more than once, but you'll just have to steep longer. Enjoy the last cup!

  2. Try the African Nectar!

    I became hooked with a gift as well! A few little tins of looseleaf tea and I was a fan!

  3. Dana, I too got hooked on the $14. (at a coffee shop on Granville) box of Mighty Leaf Tea, but guess what? It's at Loblaws here for $8.99.

    I'll check for the Earl Grey because they only had the herbal kind the other day.


  4. Thanks Jacquie,
    I'm going to check out The Great Canadian Superstore, which is the same as Loblaws out here in the west, and see if I can find some. Still an indulgence for me even at that price, but hey, I am such a relaxed mom after I drink it. I need to buy it for my children's sake.

  5. Shop around is my best advice, even try online! I just bought the Organic Breakfast at our local (American) Whole Foods for $6.99 and all of their Mighty Leaf's were priced the same. (I don't honestly know if it was on sale or not). I have paid as much as $10 a box but not more. Enjoyed your post!

  6. Dana - Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll. I have to say - you really made my day!

    How wonderful that your girls speak French. You are going to have a great trip!

    I enjoyed reading this post about tea. Those tea bags are beutiful! My favorite tea is Aveda Comforting Tea. It comes in a huge jar (it's loose) and lasts forever. I drink it all winter long!

    Have a great day,

  7. Hi there, I'm new to your blog - via Benita at Chez Larssen - but I just had to comment; this reminds me of that Corner Gas episode, where they all are given upgrades of their usual stuff (wine, cookies, etc) and feel the same way you do!

  8. Hi Patricia,
    I was thinking of the same episode the whole post. I just didn't know how many people would get the reference. Welcome Corner Gas Kindred Spirit.
    We love the show,

  9. That was fabulous!!! There is a website,, that takes humorous submissions.

    This one has to be sent in. It is fabulous!!

    I don't know how I found you, but I think you're fantastic. (and,no, I don't drink caffeine...I just sound like I do...)
    Wonderful to find you.

  10. Ok, now I'm not sure if I should try it! But I have to now, because I read this! I will just have to save it for special occasions...I don't know if I'll even share it with my kids. I'm getting some today.


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