Friday, March 05, 2010

On A Cool Mom Quest...

I am having an identity crisis, and I'm not sure how to solve it.  
I seem to have lost my sense of humour this week, 
along with any sense of fashion style I have left in my 40 something closet. 

I re-read my first blog post, and realized as much as I want to, 
I really wouldn't be able to wear the T-shirt at the bottom of this post.  
And likely, with converse sneakers on, I would look like an old lady trying too hard
(I choose to blame my hair and my thighs for this state of affairs).  

I am in search of the "cool" middle aged me.  
Who is she?  
What does she look like?  

I will be on a quest over the weekend, as somehow I've lost my way 
since writing my first post which I am sharing below. 

I'll let you know who I find (she better be darn sexy if she knows what's good for her)... 
I'm hoping for a mix between an outer Sandra Bullock,  and inner Meryl Streep.  

Wish me luck.  I'll let you know how I fare. . .  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find my sun glasses. 
I've left them along with my coolness in one of my junk drawers. 

What I Wear Speaks For Itself 
~ originally posted December 12, 2009

For some strange reason I had an epiphany in the kitchen, 
and it had nothing to do with preparing food. 
I realized as I was washing down the microwave, 
contemplating my shopping the day before at... I hate to say it... Sears; 
that I have sunk into a deep dark and unending pit of mom clothes.

I want to be a cool in the worst way (I admit it, nothing has really changed since Junior High). 
Out of the blue the thought "Cool moms must wear Converse!" came to me, and why not?  
My fourteen year old has a pair in the closet.  
We wear the same size.  
I could pull it off couldn't I?  
I could look like this...

(I am choosing to ignore the width of her thighs... and choosing instead to focus on the shoes).

Or...would I look like a nerdy and embarrassing forty something mom trying to relive my youth? 
I realized I probably needed to ask my 14, 10 and 7 year old fashionista daughters 
before I made any drastic internet purchases.

I am "with it" enough to realize there is definitely a fine line between "Cool" and trying too hard. 
So while looking for the perfect pair of Converse runners, I came across this T-shirt. 
While I felt it spoke to me, I knew better than to trust my inner fashion voice 
and realized that the T-shirt below which can be found at  might be crossing that line.

Unfortunately I've never been one for subtleties.
-photo from website-

Perhaps the t-shirt above is a little too grunge?  
Perhaps I wouldn't be able to pull it off without having to first consider a new hairdo 
which would likely involve washing my hair only once every four months... 
I'm thinking "dread locks" wouldn't help me in attaining my "cool mom" quest.   

Not to mention The Agronomist would leave me.

But after perusing a bit further there were a few other options that I think just might be the ticket. 
With a little less granola and more city finesse, I'll never have to wonder if I'm a "cool mom" again.  
I could wear this with a pair of Ms. Aniston's grey Converse above, 
and I would enjoy the understated look of a "cool" mom, 
who just happens to wear the proclamation across her chest, with pride.

I'm not insecure.... oh not at all.



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  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment!!

    i wish you the best of luck on your quest to beocme a cool mom :)

  2. Please keep in mind that the woman's picture that you posted has not had three children, does not have a husband and currently has much more time (due to the above lack thereof) and money (to pay the stylist, hairdresser and personal trainer)to devote to looking cool. Although I do know that you have a very nice scarf that looks a little bit like hers (since I gave it to you). I also know that it looks pretty cool with a blazer and a pair of jeans (since I also have the same scarf). If you have found your sunglasses, you should be on your way!

  3. Hello! interesting that I found your blog - I guess you could say that I'm defined by my bungalow too (have it somewhere in my blog's profile) - we have a '58 er...small but serviceable - and gets messy FAST (not enough square footage to spread it around) so I completely relate.

    and the cool mom thing?

    don't try to be cool, that is way not cool.
    (I really should take my own advice...)

  4. Hi Marci,
    So glad you did find me. A little serendipity. My dad is a dutch immigrant. I taught for six years, and will likely be returning sooner than later (my sis is an ESL teacher), Bungalow dweller. Two posts ago I have a link to a Jamie Oliver TED talk. He is discussing health and mentions the school lunch programs in America. You might find it interesting being involved in the breakfast program. Really enjoyed finding your blog. You are a lovely writer.

  5. I love your post. I used to think that I would know my style in my thirties, well I am 35 and still figuring out. I guess styles evolves, I try to wear thing I am comfortable in and happy wearing. Ultimately it shows

  6. Tara,
    Always there for me with words of wisdom. You always have a way of seeing things very clearly. I will pull out that scarf. I had forgotten it was tucked neatly into my drawer. Thanks for the reminder. Although I might have to buy a nice new coat to go with it : )

    Unfortunately I think I've taken the comfortable clothing thing just a step too far. I need to reign in the comfort and find some style to add to it. I'll let you know how it goes.



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