Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Warning: This Post Contains Frightening Scenes of Unadulterated Disorganization and Chaos

I was your average semi-organized mom, who perhaps,  had some messy tendencies, but after some clutter counseling and obsessive reading of the Chez Larsson blog, I was able to keep things generally under control.  

That is ... until the Wall was constructed.
These scenes of destruction began a long five months ago.  The Agronomist applied for and was offered a new job.  A job that would allow him to work from our home.  

I was thrilled, it sounded too good to be true.

Little did I know, what was about to transpire.

My world as I had known it was no more. 

The Agronomist staked his claim and in one afternoon my storage oasis was obliterated.

What used to be a very large and very full storage room was now divided in half, and the contents  were pushed past the line drawn on the floor. The Agronomist began building what we now refer to as the Great Wall of 2009.
Now, you may be thinking, after looking at these doesn't look so bad, it just needs a little rearranging.

And if this picture told the whole story, you would be right.

As the items began to fall and floor space became so cluttered, so that walking became dangerous, a new location was found for the over fill.  

Just through the door and into the family room the pile was created.

Did I just write silly of me, that should have said PILES, 

and PILES, and MORE PILES; that were BIGGER and BETTER than the pile that had gone before.

It was a PILE PARTY like no one had every seen before.

I was overwhelmed, and needed several more months of clutter counseling.  

As a way to heal, I started blogging.   

In a last ditch effort to contain the chaos,  I decided to make a blogging Lenten promise to fill forty bags of clutter over forty days.

But... I have to make a confession... my counsellor said it was the only way.

Over the past two and a half weeks I have became a decluttering "Poser".  

I was unable to face my fears. I used professional procrastination to avoid the Pile Tsunami.

I was hoping the Lenten 40 bags in 40 days promise I announced to the world,  would give me the motivation to move forward towards a clutter free home, or at the very least shame me into action.  

I knew God would forgive me... but my readers?

I was either going to become a very guilty blogging Catholic, who had failed to fulfill her Lenten promises or I was going to rise to the challenge.

It took a while but by the grace of God it worked.  This weekend I woke up realizing I was behind by only 18 bags.  It was Do or Die, Put the Metal to the Pedal, and Do It For The Gipper time.

Plus I had children who were watching my every move, and asking on a daily basis, if I had filled any bags yet?    

TODAY, I am happy to report that My 40 Bags in 40 Days Resolution is ahead of schedule.  With 16 bags to the Salvation Army,  6 bags to our niece,  2 bags to the garbage along with several bags to recyling, I may have to put my feet up for a few days.  

The rooms are not quite ready for their reveal.  I will be continuing to work on them, and when the lighting is just right, I will take award winning clutterless pictures of their stark beauty, so that they receive the ooohing and they so deserve.

I am so glad that I came clean here at Bungalow'56, I am once again, able to hold my head high.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on some Lenten reading.

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  1. It's true, isn't it? Once you declare an intention on a blog, it's there for the world to see if you should fail! Ironically, the Lenten promise we make to God (cross myself quickly but reverently) is easier to break than the promise we make to our blog readers. Congratulations on getting back on track with the 40 bags in 40 days--decluttering feels so GOOD!

  2. good for you! that picture of the bags + the girls is hilarious!!

    ps. thanks for your kind words about my blog...:)

  3. Awesome on the donations!! Yea!!!

    We've gotten 3 large garbage bags & a box of dishes so far for donation & several more bags under way. We also threw out 2 bags of stuff that was trash that was in the "if we fix this it may be usable" but wasn't actually fixable. Recycling seems a never-ending task. We did fix a few things too that were fixable & are using them again! I can't believe we had so much stored that we just never used & didn't really need.

  4. That's a great lenten resolution! You're not only doing good for your family, and your life, but you are donating it and passing on the goodness to others. Giving away things can really be cathartic!

  5. Good for you! I've been writing on my blog about the art room upheaval. I posted scary pics too. It was looking great until I started organizing more little tiny things. The playroom is still a pit....but I've unloaded about 25 bags. Today there will be more!

  6. just caught up on your blog Dana - it is getting better all time! I really enjoy how you write - and you are pretty funny! Good luck on getting ready for your visit from Jesus and great job on the 40 bags in 40 days - I think we took 3 of those bags home! Love the Sandi Richards cook books - I am a huge fan of hers! Thanks Dana. Keep up the great blogging! We are also treatless and chipless and beerless around here for lent - it is a good exercise in self-discipline as I hand my children licorice and cookies!

  7. You crack me up... hold your head up high! Good for you! I will be laughing about the Pile Tsunami all night - especially as I stare at my own!

  8. You are my hero! Congratulations! I have to say I laughed out loud in so many places while I read this! One day - after we've gotten to know each other a little bit better - I'll have to tell you about the piles...

  9. You are doing a great job! I too have been giving away tons of things. They no longer serve me.

  10. Wow - 16 bags is a lot! I love the picture of your girls with the bags - they are adorable.

  11. hi dana...popped over from you finding me through sarah at clover clane :) happy you caught up on the 40 days instead of giving up!

    we're doing the 40 bags too.... i'm looking forward to your sparkly reveal!

  12. Way to go! It can sometimes be so overwhelming! I have a path down in my basement to my washer and dryer through all of my stuff! It makes the hubby crazy,but I keep thinging "one day I will use this". I should just get to filling my bags :)

  13. Congratulations on your progress. It always amazes me how "the piles" multipy likes rabbits on Viagra.
    Keep up the good work.


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