Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Come Check Out My Drawers

This my friends is what happiness is made of...
It was a time of rediscovery and alignment.
I was in awe of the transformation.
My kitchen utensil drawer had become a 'Work of Art', 'A Thing of Beauty'.

At least I thought so, and thought The Agronomist would too.

When I excitedly asked him if he wanted to come check out my drawers.  I saw the spark in his eyes. 

When he walked into the kitchen clarifying what I had said, he smilingly asked "Your drawers?"
I was thrilled that I had married a man who could truly appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears I had put into my drawers.

But when I pulled it open expecting some genuine appreciation, he seemed confused.  

It seemed as though he was lost In Translation somewhere?  
Note: Unfortunately the writer of this blog felt the 'before' pictures of the above drawer would  have been too graphic and disturbing for her readers, and did not want to cause any long term trauma by releasing the said images.
Although I was exhausted, my work was not yet done.
As The Agronomist walked away, I heard a few voices calling my name over in the baking and misc drawer.
These girls had a few choice words for me. . . 
How could I treat them this way?
Didn't they deserve the same treatment as the spoons? 

So, not to be found in contempt of drawer court. 
I worked long and hard to provide a good home for my 'Chop Chicks'.

They were so pleased with the results they immediately decided to enjoy a little R and R in their new digs.

And. . . the World was at Peace.

I felt as though I had made a difference.  That my work here was done. An Artist's repose.

That is, until I opened this:

I caution you that the image below may be disturbing to some.

Since The Agronomist had apparently lost all interest in my drawers.  I was without help.

I knew this one would be too much for me.  I was well aware of my limitations.  

A girl could only do so much?

So until further notice, it will remain closed, as all Junk drawers should.

Haven't you heard?  Life can get a little messy sometimes.  

And I'm OK with that. 


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  1. Well I appreciate your efforts -well done! :-)

  2. so clean and organized. wonderful.

  3. Wonderfully hilarious post! Too funny - and the organized drawer looks great! We all need a messy junk drawer in our life, so don't let it bring you down!

  4. What a great post, well done! Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  5. LOL! My husband actually insisted on a junk drawer because he needed a space to put all the things that make everywhere else messy. He appreciates a nice neat drawer as do I. In fact, I kinda want to make-out with the neat drawer. I know it's sick. I need help. But really it's an amazingly organized drawer.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed. You've inspired me. I'm going to tackle some "junk draws" today!!

    GREAT shots, you are so talented and funny too.

    Have a blessed day♥

  7. I'm having drawer envy right now! I'm really loving your posts--whether funny, enlightening or sweet; I'm always left with a smile on my face. And on top of that your pictures are great! The one of your "Chop Chicks" needs to be framed, it's so cute (and sassy!).

  8. The OCD in me is loving this! I too have a kitchen drawer that can top your last picture any day {smile}!

  9. Oh I love this post!!!! I really do and guess what! I did the same thing last week with my drunk drawer. I was at shopko buying things to organize my boy's room and found a junk drawer organizer! It has stayed organized for a full week now! And as lame as it sounds... it makes me so happy! I have NEVER thought to organize my utensils! You rock... you also added another thing to my to do list!!! But I love love love this!

  10. I love this entire post. So entertaining! Yes, your drawer is definitely 'A Thing of Beauty'.

    Got here from M3B.

  11. Nice! Want to come do mine? Actually my desk drawers at work need it worse than at home.

  12. I appreciate your drawers! I'm actually in awe - and yes, I feel that exact same sense of personal satisfaction whenever I get something organized... though it's quickly un-organized, and then I sink into a deep, abiding depression.

  13. As always, a truly entertaining and humorous post, Dana. I love how you can take a seemingly ordinary topic, like "drawers," that we can all relate to, and make it into a piece of delightful visual and literary art. Well done!

    (P.S. I have a junk drawer that rivals yours.)

  14. Wow wow WOW! Those drawers look fantastic. I confess that I must keep a junk drawer. Come to think of it, I think there is one in every room of the house - ha ha!

  15. i envy those drawers. and those totally awesome chop chicks. where did you get them???

  16. You crack me up. I laughed out loud while reading....

    and as an aside, I have an OXO veggie peeler. I love it. When I saw that you had two, I thought, "Now, doesn't that make sense!" I need a second because I am constantly pulling the one I have out of the dirty dishwasher.

    And you are so brave to show that drawer. We all have one (or two, or three....)

  17. LOVE THIS!! HAHAHA!! Great ORG Skills!

  18. well, your husband lost interest in your drawers when he realized it wasn't your panties you were talking about! am i right? or am i right!
    i love a well organized drawer like the one's your producing. but every well-organized woman knows everyone has a "monica's closet." did you ever watch friends? you know, monica the anal, overly organized neat freak who had a closet that was so stuffed that it would spill out when someone opened it? yeah. everyone has a monica's closet

  19. LOVE the drawers Dana!!


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