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Six Down One To Go...Music Festival 2010

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I was so happy with our coffee shop photos! 
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Oh yes, you guessed it...we are still in the midst of our Music Festival Week, and we have one more performance to go.

This was the Covenant the Adjudicator required the students to pledge to, in front of their parents.  It was concerning daily practice, scales, and much to his great wisdom, keeping bedrooms clean.

You know? It's really been a lot of fun.  The Adjudicator for my eldest has been nothing less than a stand up comedian.  I've laughed harder at his adjudications (after listening to their playing, he explains what was good and what needs work) than I have at some professional comics I've seen.

Speaking of humour, if that's why you've dropped by I didn't want to let you down.  Since I've been a little preoccupied this week, and a little wanting in the the hardy har har department, I wanted to share two posts with you, that made me laugh.

If you have grandparents or parents who are in their late eighties to early nineties, or want to know where we are all heading eventually, this post will surely make you laugh.  Both the Agronomist and I had a good chuckle after reading
*you won't regret it, she is a wonderful writer, and one of my favourite bloggers.

For those of you, who find themselves needing some chocolate sweetness in their lives, whether it is good for you or not, I think these rules will help you to come to terms with understanding what is a treat and what isn't.  I know I will never look at cake and cookies and crackers the same way again...
The Rules about Cake.
Plus if you have the time, check out the Martha points explanation at the top.  Out loud laughs, I promise.
Our middle daughter played a duet called Alouette a Duette.  She did wonderfully, and was the proud creator of the matching costumes she and her partner wore.

As is required by our Piano Teacher, all Festival Performances must end in a trip for Ice Cream, and especially when Grandma and Grandpa attend the performance. 

Unfortunately the line up at the local DQ was out the door, so we settled for our usual "Go To" place.

I just love watching The Agronomist order coffee, he does it with such take charge-ed-ness... it makes me swoon a little.
Tim Horton's coffee that is, it's only when he orders Tim's... (heres a little secret though, it's the only place he orders coffee) Is there any other place? 

As you may or may not know, we are Canadian through and through, and this is a testament to it.
Who cared if it was almost bedtime?  Those new candy covered Long Johns were to die for.  This would be a good time to check out the Rules About Cake post I highlighted earlier!

It was fun to rehash the evening, especially knowing she did her best performance ever.
Congratulations Honey!
And once again I'm so glad I've decided to be a Geeky Camera Toting Mom, as the light at Tim's was absolutely beautiful.

I think I caught her thinking about the Hot Cafe Mocha she wished she had ordered, instead of Hot Chocolate.  Grandpa's looked so good sitting there beside her.

But she needn't have worried as we still have one more performance.

Dear eldest you will get a second chance to try it tomorrow....I promise.

As long as.... you clean your bedroom.

I was there when you put your hand up and swore.... remember?  Man I loved that Adjudicator!

But not nearly as much as I love The Agronomist!
(He orders my coffee, just the way I like it.)

Ta ta, titi ta for now,


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  1. And I'll say it again - wow, you have beautiful girls!
    Off to read your links now - have a great last day of piano-ing :-)

  2. Love love the cake post! Did you read her explanation of Martha points? So funny! Thank you for linking.

    And I don't know what an adjudicator is but I gather I picked up about half the definition in your post. Leftover SAT test taking skills being what they are and all.

  3. Here is the Official def'n; The Adjudicator is an expert in their field who renders a decision. He listens to them play, and tells them where they did will and where they could do better. Each student gets a certificate with either a bronze, silver or gold sticker. I just added a definition to the post. Thanks,

  4. Can your girls be any more adorable? Ummm, no. ;) Beautiful pics!!!

  5. Great Costumes!!! Glad to hear it went well and that treats were enjoyed after! Love the 'pledge' pic - good proof that they swore to it!! (the piano teacher)

  6. Goodness gracious, that last photo is beyond divine. Also, as a poor American I sadly have never indulged in Tim Horton's, but the more I read about it the more I think they need to expand south of the border!

  7. Great post! And GREAT photos! (I'm just learning to use my new camera.)

    And thank you for linking, what an absolutely lovely compliment!

  8. Thanks for the definition!

  9. I took lessons for fifteen years, and every adjudicator I ever had was an old grumpy man with hair growing out of his ears or an old mostly deaf woman.
    Now, I did grow up in rural Idaho where the pool of judges was mighty shallow . . .
    Good for your girls. They'll never regret it. Promise.

  10. Such good memories & what lovely pics! I am nervous for my kids' first piano performance this Sunday & it isn't even judged!! Drop by my blog & see about my first giveaway~hugs! {love Jen's comment!}

  11. I LOVE that shot of your daughter and her "costume." She looks absolutely beautiful! I love the angle, too.


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