Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is That Weird? Or Is It Just Me?

It was just one of those weird kind of days....

How is it possible that walking and talking with a friend makes an hour seem like ten minutes, and ten minutes on a treadmill feels like a very looong hour?
Or is that just me?

We love our Mac computer.  iPhoto has a great feature called face recognition.
My middle daughter decided to check out the collection entitled Mom.... and ended up having a laughing fit... calling the whole family over to take a look.
This is one of the images recorded under my name.
I tried not to take offense.
Because at a certain weird angle I suppose it did look a little like me...

Remember when I decided to give new life to my bouquet of flowers?
It was quite sweet when my youngest found a water bottle and did the same for another bouquet that was on its last leg.
Later I found the vase nestled in her bed under her reading lamp, as though it was being put to bed.
As for the pillow case over the lamp?
That is just weird... as well as a fired hazard I suppose.

The girls were all in need of various summer items, so we went to the mall after school today.  
In an uncharacteristic move I allowed them Ice Cream cones before supper.  
They were allowed to choose between a cone and a cup.  
They chose the cone, and to my astonishment 3 scoops of ice cream were crammed in.  
The cup usually only has 1 large scoop.
They are both the same price? I think that's kind of weird?

The cones are supposed to help make the Ice Cream experience less messy.
Note the width of the cone, and then the width of the elongated ice cream facial smear.
We needed some summer flip flops,
and while at Shoe Warehouse I always let the girls loose in the open boxed clearance section
(to enjoy a little dress up time, also known as, you will buy those over my dead body time.)
My eldest thought she was pretty cool rocking out these 5 inch high strappy sandals.

Until I mentioned she wasn't quite carrying off the look with her sweater done up like she was Irkle.
It was a sweet moment, as my teen fashionista often thinks that her mom is fashionably...
you guessed it,  "weird."
The Agronomist also worked on putting up some shelves in the younger girl's bedroom, and when he asked for the vacuum cleaner I thought it was a little, well... weird.

Until I realized he was being terribly thoughtful and managed to catch most of the plaster dust before it even hit the floor.
And then I went all weak in the knees. 

Its a weird response I sometimes have around him.

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  1. cute post! i loved those silver sandals. even with the irkle sweater. is that weird? ha! and a man with a vacuum can take me home any day!

  2. I agree with Feather - a man with a drill AND a vacuum...I need to lie down.

  3. This post made me smile. Gotta love the Irkle sweater. :v)

  4. That face recognition software has created a few laughs around these parts as well. But I don't think cartoon cows have been involved . ..

  5. I can't believe The Agronomist held the vacuum up to the drill - very impressive! And you are so right about 10 minutes on the treadmill feeling like a long hour!

  6. My iMac thought that one of the cats was me.

    And some days...

    And I cracked up at "Irkl."

  7. Awww!! What a cute post. The Argonomist's "weird" moment was truly heart melting!

  8. hahahah....the last part is so sweet!

  9. Dana-

    What a great post! I needed a laugh, and you provided! I'm visiting from Adventures in McQuill-land. I thought I'd check out my newest follower and in the process, I've become your newest follower ;) - I LOVE how that works!

    Yes, the skydiver in my Sureshot Tuesday photo is my Mom. She's an incredibly young 68 1/2! She spent years being afraid of heights, and has gradually worked her way up to the ultimate proof she has overcome this fear - skydiving! Both of my boys want to jump out of a plane with her on her next jump. Fortunately for this Mama, who herself is not so fond of heights, they have to wait until they are 18! (9 and 12 years, respectively... and they are already counting down the time!) And Grandma... she says 80 is not too old to skydive, so she's game!

  10. Thank you for the laugh. I particularly love your daughter's sweater and your "picture". Actually still laughing.

  11. Hi! Visiting from TMC! What a sweet post! <3

  12. I haven't tried the face recognition thing yet. I think I might just to see what it comes up with! Loved this! And now I want ice cream!

  13. Oh, mommy porn: shelving, and vacumming.

    Need a cold shower .....


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