Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nana Was Skyping

My Nana is 91 years old.  
She cooked many meals for me.
I slept many nights in her hide-a-bed during weekend sleepovers,
I waited impatiently for Saturday morning cartoons to start.
Our parents didn't have cable
but Nana did.
Scooby Dooby Doo, followed by American Bandstand.
She let us eat sugared cereal in the bed.
It was Heaven.
Today her eyesight is failing, her hearing a little hard and her legs weak.
Her mind?
sharp as a tack.
Her one joy is to visit with her great grandchildren.
She had one daughter
four granddaughters.
and now... nine great-grandchildren.
The boys finally arrived; four and counting.
The most recent addition was born a short while ago.
Her biggest wish was to be able to see him.
But he lived across the country and it would months before he would travel to see her. 
But we decided she shouldn't have to wait that long.
Nana was going to Skype.
The moment she set eyes on him, no one else was in the room.
Her face said it all.
She cooed with him, and marveled at his handsome good looks.
He talked for her and smiled.
Her supper got cold.
Who would have thought this would be possible in her lifetime?
We all had a chance to visit.
Nana was surrounded by her family, near and far.

 The distance no longer mattered.

Nana was Skyping,

and I bet if it had been possible,
she would have let him have a little sugared cereal in his bed.

PS With all of the wonderful encouragement I received yesterday, in response to my fear of the kitchen post, I am taking steps to face my cooking inadequacies.  I will be collecting and trying all the recipes forwarded to me and creating a Good Eats section chronicling my journey.Today I am also linking up an old recipe post, as well as looking for many more easy family friendly recipes at:

The Goat And The Kid.

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  1. Isn't that so sweetly fantastic?

    I love Nana's precious pearl earrings.

    She looks so good for 91!

    Please tell her I said she has a kickin' head of hair going on.

  2. That is just priceless! The wonders of technology and sugared cereal.

  3. So adorable - this post and your Nana!

  4. Isn't technology wonderful! I just simply love it. Doing these kinds of things is just way too cool. So glad your nana got to visit with all her grandkids. You guys are so blessed to have her in your lives. happy Monday!

  5. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    This is awesome Dana.
    ~Lisa via Facebook

  6. So cute! I love this post.

  7. Well done Nana!

    I wish my parents would use Skype. They're in their 80s, live on the other side of would be great. They have problems working out the DVD player. Shame.

  8. Nana is awesome! Isn't it wonderful how technology can help us to connect? Yes, it can be used badly but it can also let us connect in amazing ways.

    And what a cutie pie that most recent addition is :)

  9. That is probably the most "rad" thing I have seen today. How fun for her and for you to experience that with her. I just love it. Thanks for linking up, girl! So glad you did. xoxo Nancy

  10. I love this post, Dana. Your Nana has such an expressive face, and the shot of her talking to the computer says it all.
    Maybe she could share some recipes?

  11. Oh, that's so lovely. Maybe teleporting in our lifetime?

  12. Oh that is SOOO wonderful!

    I have worked with older adults for years, and there is nothing - NOTHING - they love more than being able to connect with their family.

    I love, love, love this post.

  13. Loved this post. That is so sweet! I have a picture of my mom skyping with my daughter too and it's so cute seeing her with headphones and microphone on. Love it.

  14. Made me cry! I loved my Gramma for all the same reasons you live your Nana. She took me shopping, let me watch TV all day in my PJs, fed me restaurant food, and all kinds of other cool "kid" stuff that I miss to this day (she's been gone since 1977). Love, love, love this post!

  15. This brought tears to my eyes. At Christmas time, my great grandma got to talk to one of my cousins over Skype and her baby. She also got to see my cousin's ready-to-pop belly through the screen. My great grandma passed away just before Easter, so this was one of my last memories of her. She was so thrilled to see family on the computer, although she was somewhat confused by it. I'm so happy that technology really does do more good than evil, especially when people live far from each other.

    Thank you for the beautiful post!

  16. A very touching post. The photos are wonderful, she is a lovely lady.

  17. What a sweet post about your Nana. It made me remember simular times with my grandmother.

  18. This is such a sweet post Dana - it brought tears to my eyes. The pictures of your Nana staring @ the computer really do say it all!

  19. I love it! Isn't skype the most amazing thing when you are away from your family?? I always feel so much more connected when I can see their faces. :)

  20. Love Nana! She is so cute! What a great way for her to see her whole family.

  21. Aww your Nana is so adorable!!! :) She looks REALLLY good for her age!!! :)

  22. so happy that Nana got to Skype! Just an awesome post!


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