Friday, July 23, 2010

Warning...Do No Operate Heavy Duty Equipment - Or Blog

I hab a subber hed dold. (translation: I have a summer head cold)
We are not painting.
Well that's not exactly true.
The Agronomist has completed painting the walls and the trim.
Our Slate floor in the front hallway was given a good thick coat, however, while it was quite an edgy avant garde look, it wasn't really part of the plan.
The painting has come to a standstill.
The Agronomist and I are in discussions over a labour dispute.
The furniture is to blame.

Is it just my heb cowd, or is that picture blurrr-yeeee?

I love these Hamburger Cupcakes and want to make them before the summer is over.
Thank you Beth for this post!
Me Eldest is returning home to the nest. (and apparently I've become Irish.)
We are very happy.
She will be happy, and she will be sad.
She met some real bosom buddies there, whom she will miss greatly.
The girls will be happy too.
But sad that they can't sleep in her room anymore.
Did I mention their room doesn't have any furniture?
As an aside... I just love using the word bosom whenever at all possible.
The Agronomist does too.
Not really...he's going to shake his head when he reads this...
and then forbid me to blog anymore.
In my defense this blog is being sponsored by Head Cold Drugs, and I can't be held responsible.
They warn you not to drive any heavy equipment, but nowhere did it mention anything about blogging?
I could see a class action suit down the road, if they're not careful.

(and my computer has decided I am now going to post down the centre of my page...and I'm OK with that.)

I've started to really annoy my children.
Whenever they ask me what time it is...
I say "Mr. Wolf."
Pioneer Woman is having another photo contest and the theme is water.
I want to enter this picture.
update: (I did it!)
I'd like to share a favourite blogger's tongue and cheek post about why she is
"Not" Mom Of The Year.
I loved it.  And if you loved it too.... 
Go here (scroll to the bottom) to vote for her and she may win the coveted title on Monday.
And to my Canadian readers, The Empress over at Good Day Regular People loves us Canadians.
Let's send her a little Canuck love back.
Psst... it's a neck and neck race, and just a few votes will make the difference!
This little lady over at Flower Patch Farm Girl made me LAUGH.
And then she almost made me CRY

I love looking at my little blue map to the right.
It shows me all the different places my thousands and thousands of readers come from.
But today I noticed...*POOF*... everyone's gone.
No more pretty yellow stars dotting the globe.
Where did they go?
I just hope this isn't some wierd blogging omen.
Maybe its a sign that I shouldn't be blogging while under the influence.
That's my cue then,
Happy Weekend,


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  1. Uh oh...I see little yellow hearts over there on the map.

    And I'm NOT on cold medicine.

    Maybe Lucky Charms have taken over your blog?

    And I'm having an anxiety attack about paint on your slate floor.

    Hope all is well.

    Hope The Argonomist's blood pressure is well.

    Yours I'm not worried about, cold medicine I believe prevents hypertension. Too hard to get worked up about anything.

    And Irish is a good thing to be.

  2. You should enter that pic! It's great!

    And I totally love that we blog drunk together. :-)

    Feel better soon!

  3. loved your post. you are cute and I love the picture...enter it! :)

  4. I'm sorry you have a head cold! We are having insanely hot weather, close to 100F today and humid!!

    I love the picture! It caught me off guard and I tried to wipe drops of moisture off my screen. NO cold medicine here but a serious lack of sleep prevails. Umm, why did I agree to drop my middle son off so early this morning? Oh yeah he was going to help mow the lawn at the church before it got too hot! Still not home and that was 4 hours ago. But they always treat him to lunch and a cold drink (usually an iced lemonade) afterwards so he should be home soon.

    Good luck with the painting!! I'm off to shot pictures of our newly cleaned garage, my yard/rummage sale finds, and then post them on my blog. (I've been so neglegent recently!!)

    Toodles and I hope you get well soon!!

  5. friends DO let their friends blog drunk...cuz I love those crazy posts.

    heck, you're all tipsy in canada as a way of who can tell the difference? that's why I love my freak flag flyin' canuck sisters.

    THANK you for the shout out. It's a close one...

    P.S., I mean, my husband, His ponytail? it shows, no? I have asked heem and my son to please, let me cut the hair, to open up the face a beet...they say "no, maman, No...eet ees whoo I yam."

    I shall let it rest, for the moment (now try and figure out what far off in the distance object I'm looking at...)

  6. p.s. OOPS! The most important thing: YES! that pic HAS GOT to be entered... HAS GOT TO BE!
    also, if you enter, she'll haunt your site. seriously, get blogstalker like me and you'll see "who was here: pioneer woman: 2 hours ago"

  7. Great post! That photo is AMAZING you should enter it...RIGHT.NOW! And I agree the Not Mom of the Year post was very awesome...Monday we will all know the results. Thanks for linking up with me!

  8. I can't wait for you to make the cupcakes!! Yum :)

    And did you enter the photo?

  9. You have to enter that photo! I love it!

  10. Even with a head cold you are still insanely funny. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the paint and slate floor. I'm nervous for you - that does not sound good!

  11. Hi! Love to see what cold medicine can do to a person. The little yellow stars reappeared but this time as hearts! Sounds like you have lots going on! Have a great weekend and feel better soon.

  12. This cracked me up!! I hope your cold gets better soon and your furniture cooperates for the painting.

    I really like your water picture. I hope you win too!


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