Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Fought The Law... And The Law Won

The Agronomist and I have met with a terrible foe.
He goes by the name Murphy.
Murphy's Law to be exact.
He's a scoundrel, and hijacks his innocent victims when they least expect it.

Needless to say my Painting With The Agronomist,  hit a few snags.
But really... Snags isn't quite the right word...umm.... Spills would be a word to better illustrate our experience.
And that my friends, was just the beginning...

The second installment of Painting With The Agronomist~ A True Story will return Thursday.
But for today, in an effort to keep our marriage a happy one,
we are taking a break from Murphy and his law.

Instead I am going to share with you a Sweet Shot of my youngest who I am currently referring to as,

 One Tooth Wonder,

and THUMPER these days...

And just to balance things out, a not so Sweet Shot, of undoubtedly years of very expensive braces.
She can't be blamed though, as The Agronomist and I know she came by it honestly.
We have given our children many gifts.
The need to wear braces is one of them.

This post will be joining Darcy at My3Boybarians' for Sweet Shot Tuesday.


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  1. We have two in braces right now, which explains the second mortgage on the castle, and having to sell the alligators in the moat. shhh...don't let the other kingdoms know we have a dummy moat...just for show.

  2. They say Murphy was an optimist, I guess the laugh or you'll cry kind :)

    We've also got braces galore that will have to happen here. *sigh* they'll thank us for it one day, right :)

    And she's adorable!

  3. My children have never had braces, but my daughter wants them. ACK! ;-)

  4. She still has a cute smile! My kids are destined for braces's only a matter of time.

  5. LOL out of four kids I have one who will definitely need braces. He's a complete and total mess. Thank goodness the other three have teeth that are as straight as straight can be!

  6. That is SO cute. I mean, I do feel your pain about the braces though... My son is going to need them too. I am dreading that bill!

    : ) Very fun post. Super creative. LOVE it!

  7. Oh dear...Child A just got referred to the orthodontist yesterday.

    We knew it was coming.

    He got my teeth.

    Poor child.

  8. Great pics. She has gorgeous eyes!

    We are heading down the path to braces, too!

  9. Toothless and all, she is simply gorgeous!!!

    Only one of my five needed braces, and I still desperately need them, well...after they break my lower jaw and reset it.

    That's why I didn't get them as a child. Major surgery.

    So glad I didn't pass that gift down♥


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