Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stacked Cereal and Coffee

Summer mornings are made of this.
My youngest is the early riser.
She sits at our circa 1956 formica island on a pine IKEA stool 
as she tries to decide if she wants cereal or toast.
Some days she will request PB and jam.
Other days it will be PB and honey.
I sip my coffee while I wait for her to decide.

Usually the cereal is Mini Wheats
but some days it might be Rice Krispies.
She often has difficulty deciding.
That is, unless I let her have cinnamon toast.
Then her smile is as wide as can be.
 Since cinnamon toast is usually a Saturday treat.
Kind of like real cream in my coffee.

She is old enough now, to distinguish between toast and bread.
No longer am I surprised by the tears
 as the still hot toast is placed before her instead of bread.
On these mornings my coffee sits cold.

Summer mornings slowly unfold.
I am trying to ignore how the days seem to be picking up speed,
towards the first day of school.
I am not looking forward to the mornings of rush and get ready.
Mornings of hurry up and are you finished yet?
Mornings of Coffee in my travel mug.

I want to remember our still, quiet time together before the others wake up.
These are the mornings of summer.
The mornings I can quietly watch
when she slowly
stacks her cereal
while I sip a perfect cup of coffee.

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  1. Right there with you on that summer clock ticking faster and faster. I could cry.

  2. Very nice Dana. I love watching the days unfold this time of year too. I can't believe it's already August though, *sigh*

  3. I have been following you after my dear friend Tracy waxed eloquently on your blogging and photo skills, and I have been enjoying reading you this summer! This post says it all, those blissful days are dwindling, we most hold tightly!

  4. Yeah, I can't believe it is already August. Time flies so fast!

  5. Oh that is a great picture.

    You are a master of composition, dear lady.


  6. I can feel the pace picking up around our home too ... makes me want to savor every hour of summer. Love this post!

  7. What a beautiful way to remember what mornings are like now. Though you have me craving Cinnamon toast!

  8. Enjoy each moment of every day! Love the pic.

  9. School starts tomorrow here. But that's different for me--it's still 108 here. School means winter for you!

  10. So beautiful. Our summer mornings are numbered too.

  11. That was so beautiful.

  12. Too fast the little ones are grown and all you have are these memories. It´s good of your to savour them!

  13. (sigh) Fun shot and sweet reflections.

    Wait, did you say cinnamon toast and real cream in one's coffee is a Saturday only treat? Ruh roh...

  14. We went shopping for school supplies today... indeed it's getting closer!! I will miss the easiness of our mornings

  15. love this! enjoy all those big and little moments and the time in between!

    ps: popping over from emily's

  16. This is really quite lovely.


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