Friday, October 22, 2010

A Blogger-Exposed

I really appreciated Wednesday's post by Jen from Denton Sanitorium.  She was concerned over a commenter who mentioned she had the perfect life.

As a result Jen decided to take her reader's through her day, the good the bad and the ugly.  She is one lady who always keeps things real.

I too have had similar comments, such as:  "It always looks like your family is having so much fun."  "Everything looks so happy."  and "Your pictures and home always look so bright and cheery."

After Jen sent out a challenge to her readers to keep it real (you can read the other entries HERE), I'm afraid I felt the need to expose a dirty little secret. As a Blogger, I've realized I am no better than magazines in which celebrities are smoothed and cinched until they look twenty years younger than they really are.  The same magazines that leave me wondering why I am unable to look like they do?

It's true.  We bloggers edit our days.  We show only those things we want you to see.  Our pictures are brightened and prepped and words are happy and funny and chosen with care.

While I do not have a day to show you like Jen did... I do have a behind the scenes expose of a blogging moment that occurred in our house a few days back.

It all began with a bag of cocoa Rice Krispie Squares.

As I was trying to sneak close the bag of treats, my youngest caught asked me if I was going to write a blog post about the squares she had helped to make earlier in the day.

I said of course I could, and tried to take a few more pictures, but I quickly realized these shots would just not do.
I had a reputation to uphold.
Bungalow'56 Rice Krispie Squares would never be hanging out in a Ziploc bag!?
Oh no, that wouldn't possibly be how things were done around here.

So instead, I quickly found Nana's old cut glass platter, and we gave that a try.
But it just wasn't quite up to Bungalow standards.  
Too much of the same colour.  
A caramel cluster of mediocrity.
It was all just a little too bland.  

We tried a few more angles but somehow I knew it could be better.
So I sent my youngest to the closet for some much needed pizzaz.
I asked her to go and find the yellow polka dotted pillow case.

Yes thats right... pillow case.  
I mean really? who would ever know?  
Not my readers. 
Instead, they would be imagining this was a beautifully ironed bright yellow polka dotted table cloth.  
As they read my words they would wonder where I would have found something so kitschy yet chic.  
In fact they probably would assume I, like most bloggers,  likely whipped it up on my sewing machine while waxing my floors just minutes before we made the squares. 

I would make some funny remark about how this is the extent of haute cuisine in our house. 
And that with the addition of the skittles (by my daughters request), the ordinary had become... extraordinary.
And you would believe me... because...
I had the pictures to prove it.

You would marvel at the wonderful connection my daughter and I had made over a beautiful platter of skittle rice krispie squares, and leave my post, smiling to yourself at the happy bright world you were able to visit at Bungalow'56.  (You would also be out of breath due to the amazingly long run on sentences I often choose to use : )

You might even find yourself wistfully looking over at your table, wondering why you didn't serve your kids their special treats in such a special way.

Not ever knowing that I returned the treats to their original home and placed the platter in the dishwasher as soon as, click, the last photo was taken. 

I'm so very sorry, if I've misled you.
But since I'm coming clean, you should also know that I felt so bad about my deception, I managed to eat, without the help of my family, the rest of those Rice Krispie Treats.
But that my friends is a blog story for another time.

I thank Jen for inspiring me to make Today... the day I set the record straight.
Bungalow'56 truly is a messy life,  and I'm happy to be living it.

Exposing my blogging this way was, freeing and exhilirating.
But tomorrow, I'm afraid, I will be back my to my wily ways.
You see? I much prefer the magician who doesn't give away his tricks.
At least,  not all of the time anyway : )


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  1. oh Dana!
    I couldn't love this post MORE! I love thinking of you getting the yellow polka dot pillow case out and trying to get just the right picture to post, then putting the treats right back into the ziplock bag! It makes your blog much more real and I LOVE how brave and honest your were. Thank you sweetie. You and your blog will always amaze and inspire me, even if I know you might be 'primping' it a bit thanks.

  2. This was great! I loved the expose you did on yourself. And how creative of you to use the yellow pillowcase! I enjoyed the chuckle, and I think it's so cool that you did this blog post with your daughter.

  3. I think it's easy to look at other people and think about how much better they are or how much easier their life is... when in reality they're a person just the same as me! It's nice to have people open up and show that, so thanks =)

  4. I often think this, if only we could see ourselves and our lives through other's eyes. I think we'd appreciate the beauty so much more...we can be blind to it.

  5. You are a creative soul and an artist...doing what you do!
    I'm just sad that I don't think to use tucked away platters and pillowcases.
    Fun post!

  6. now that we know some of your tricks, maybe we can take cool pictures with polka dot pillowcases!

    You were so creative with Jen's assignment! I love it

  7. Thank you! Sometimes I allow the blog-homes and photos to give me yet another area in which I feel that I don't measure up. Thanks for the honesty! and it made me laugh!

  8. I love even more now.

  9. Tricked! Your life is a sham!
    Aren't we all?
    Thanks, Dana.

  10. Ok, am dying over here.

    You fraud! You wretched thing!

    *giggle snort*

    Now I want rice crispie treats.

    With M&M's.

  11. I loved to see the process of this whole thing. The 'behind-the-scenes' that we don't normally see. Thanks for sharing such a fun 'e' post!

  12. Love the honesty! We all do the same thing.

  13. Well, I for one feel duped. I've just cancelled my tickets to visit the nirvana of Bungalow'56! What else have you been lying about? Is the perfect daughter a cardboard cutout? The perfect goalie Wayne Rooney in disguise? Does your youngest really have a full set of perfect teeth. Hrmph.

  14. You put skittles in the rice krispy treats? That is so random....but it kind of sounds good.

    How funny that you used a pillow case. I kind of love that. Shows that you are creative.

    But you are right that we only choose to show the best of things, the nicest of things. For instance, I will not be taking a picture of the gigantic pile of laundry I have yet to fold (even though my husband washed said laundry three days ago) to share with the blog masses. Just not happening.

  15. Well, thanks for the true confession. I have to tell you, though, that you are a terrific photographer. Now if you tell me you hired a professional to take those pictures, I will be gravely disappointed.

  16. I hear ya! Photographing select things in the house can tell such half-truths (or half-lies?) when in reality most of our homes don't look like that!

    I wrote a post way back when about what my living really looks like most of the time:
    Not only does it look messy - it smell like hockey gear!

  17. HA! You're a genius with the pillowcase!

    This is hilarious.

  18. If only you could see my grin! Lovely, Lovely post...

  19. Your darling post reminds me of a quote:
    There is vitality, a life force, energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it.
    It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares to other expressions. It is your business to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that activate you.
    Keep the channel open.
    -Martha Graham

  20. Oh, the horror! :v)

    Hmmm, never thought to use a pillow case. I'll have to remember that trick. Loved this post.

  21. You know I never thought of all we go through to make it look nice and happy. It's good see the reality of it all. I love your pictures...and your pillow case. And you are one would know. It makes me want something like that for a table cloth now though. hahaha.

  22. Wow! This already makes you a much better blogger than me! I confess, I never bother to figure out ways to make my pictures looks the best they can be or anything. I'll just take a picture (usually of a mess) and post!

    I don't think I'll ever look at my pictures the same now! LOL!

  23. Love it..

    Any food blogger out there who can't identify with this, must be asleep!

  24. Oh, how I love this post. Thank you!

  25. Hey, I'm just impressed that you even thought of getting the yellow, polka-dotted pillow case out of the closet and using it.

    For that matter, I'm impressed that you even HAVE a yellow, polka-dotted pillow case!


  26. Oh I LOVE this post! Yup, while I don't take as marvelous pictures I will certainly keep taking until they are better than just a straight up shot! You have exposed us all!! LOL

  27. Hi Dana and thanks for stopping by to see my "real life" post - wasn't that a fun assignment?! I love yours too ... gonna have to steal the pillowcase tip for sure - ha! Hope to see you again - nice to 'meet' you ;-)

  28. haha!!! love your post...into your "real life" scenes with these lovely, yummy rice crispy treats! (now...go on and enjoy a couple more treats!)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  29. I laughed so hard at this...because I do the same thing. I sometimes tell my fiance that he can't have his dinner until I take a photo. (Just posted a blog like that right before coming over here.)

    You made be giggle. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for visiting me! I'll be back. :)

  30. Dana, I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog because now I've found your blog :) Great post. Thanks for the peak into your blog post reality! I'll be back to read more.

  31. Confessions of a Rice Krispie Treat addict? lol! :D

  32. Dana, you rock! I love your little twist on Jen's challenge!! I am starving now, though!!

  33. Dear Ms. Dana,
    Mother Hen here. Loved your honesty! It is lovely to meet a chick who puts it all out on the table, crumbs and all.
    MH thought you might enjoy her blog about self-editing almost as much as she appreciated yours. At least, she really, really hopes so.

    Admiringly yours,
    Mother Hen

  34. Dana, you're helping expose us, bloggers, all. For shame! LOL.

    By the way, I've got a lovely award for you at my blog.
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  35. Excellent post Dana. Maybe this kind of post is the point....

  36. Hehe I have done some pretty silly things as a blogger. I do write about the drama too though. I may have to write a post like this.

  37. All I can say is "Thank heavens!" I was afraid it was going to be a naked picture of you!

    What a delightful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday, Bungalow 56! This was such a clever and happy and funny post.

    I totally enjoyed my visit here this morning.

    Thank you for linking.



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