Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dog Days And Driving.... Missed You!

My self imposed blog break has been wonderful and weird all at the same time.
Driving around blogland only as a passenger has been interesting and freeing,  
but not as relaxing as I thought it would be.  
I feel a little antsy.  
I keep wanting to grab the wheel and wrench it away so that I can drive back to my blog and write down something... anything.

So today I will be joining up with Alphabe Thursday, a wonderful place to hang out with Jenny Matlock.
I felt like I needed a little visit.

Plus, I have pictures... oh do I have pictures. 



They just seemed so lonely sitting there on my hard drive without anyone taking a boo.
There, I feel so much better already.
Now for that little chat...

We went to The Agonomist's parents for our Thanksgiving weekend, the farm where he grew up, the farm his grandfather homesteaded.

Have I ever told you The Agronomist's family are amazing cooks.  Every last one of them.
Except maybe his dad, but I've heard he does a mean toast.
We always have such a wonderful time there. 
EatingVisiting with family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course, the dogs. 

This is Simba.  
For my youngest, who is an animal lover, and of course the only child who has her mom's terrible allergies, this is a big part of what she looks forward to.  
That face, that snout, those eyes.

We ply her with doses of Benadryl (my daughter...not the dog) and she gets in her snuggle time.
Simba is one of the nicest farm mutts we have ever had the pleasure to know.

This is Raven. 
(and her tongue)
She lives in the city and she thinks she's a farm dog.
She comes to visit with her family, and she is so much fun.

She will fetch until the cows come home.
And since the cows no longer reside at the farm, 
that pretty much means she fetches forever
And then she rests.

Dog days... sometimes they look a little bit like heaven to me.

Except... for the fetching part.

Love ya like Claritin and Visine,

PS...CSN stores have offered one of my readers a $45 gift certificate.
        I'll post the details tomorrow : )
        So happy you stopped by!
        I missed you!
        Here is where I've been hanging out.
        October is half way done, and they will all be posting daily for another 18 days!

 Emily from Chatting at the Sky :: 31 Days of Grace

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  1. look at the paw,
    what a pet pal!
    love these photo shots, they brighten my day!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all even the dogs.

  3. Missed you too!!! Love the shots!

  4. What a lovely life you are creating. Nice to meet you...happy Alphabethursday!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous time!

  6. You're right. You DO have pictures! That last one on the right (of the photo collection) is perfect for Halloween.


  7. So glad you're back - missed you!

  8. I am just in awe at your photos - each one is gorgeous and makes me feel as though I'm right there with you, soaking up all these fall experiences.

  9. I forgot Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. Happy Thanksgiving a week late.
    And I've missed you and your photos and your humor.
    Glad you're back.

  10. Great pix!! You are very good!

  11. Hello, it's my first visit to your bungalow. I like the comfy feeling of your post. I'm looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your photos. These are wonderful, by the way. What a sunset!

    When you mentioned Thanksgiving, I thought for a second that I may have landed in your archives or had entered an alternative universe. Then, I remembered seeing on the calendar yesterday about the Canadaian Thanksgiving. Pshew!
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  12. Haha, "a mean toast". I like that =) Love your pics! I'm reading a bit more than writing too...but I think I'm just secretly holding out until I get my cool camera in November. Woohoooo!!

  13. The pictures are beautiful, and the dogs are so incredibly cute!

  14. awww! Happy Late Thanksgiving! sounds like a lovely weekend despite the allergies. At least you are prepared to battle the dander and have fun with the pooches!

  15. What a wonderful post. The pictures are fabulous.

  16. The FALL-ness!
    The DOG-ness!

    This is a beautiful thing.

    Good to see you make a visit. Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

  17. So glad to see you back.

  18. Yey! A new update! Amazing photos as always dear. ;)

  19. Hi there you!

    Missed you too!

    Love the photos, as always.

    Still miss you!

    And i've been hopping into Darcy's 31 days from time to time, just cause I really want to be a better photographer.

    We tried to do a family portrait thing of the kids - 140 shots to get ONE good one that we're happy to blow up to framing size.

    I really think our ratios need to be better than that.

  20. Oh Dana! So glad the break did you good...and so sweet to see you back! It looks like your photography just got better while you cleared your head...don't you love when something like that happens?

    It was wonderful seeing you here.

    I'm so glad you linked to Alphabe-Thursday!



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