Monday, October 04, 2010

A Late In The Day Post

I'm being a good girl and getting my real world work done first, so this has ended up being a late in the day post.
It's a rambly sort of post, as I'm feeling.... well? rambly.
And yes, I do know that rambly is not a word,
I just choose to pretend it is.

I wish I could take credit for the picture above, but I can't.  My middlest took it yesterday.

She has taken a real interest in photography.
She is even learning how to use a new trial Aperture photo editing program I downloaded.
(I still have no idea how it works)
In fact she edited the picture below for me to give it a vintagey feel.
I think she did an amazing job.

We had a wonderful weekend.

Except for the part where I was the commentator at church, and ended up announcing someone had died instead of needing prayers for being sick.

That was an epic fail.... the only consolation is that I did not write down the name in the wrong section, I just read it.  
We went to the farmers market for fresh carrots and ended up coming home with an authentic Egyptian meal.
The stuffed flatbread was from an Indian food booth.
But the rest was from  Cairo.  The Sambosas (not Samosas), Meatballs (not shown) and the homemade humos was to die for.
The girls are already planning to go back next week to choose their Saturday meal from another country.
I'm secretly hoping for Iceland.  
That would be where Ice cream comes from, right?

Which brings me to this pictures of my Mom's birthday cake.  Happy Birthday Mom!
Good ol' DQ!
We also enjoyed a neighbourly visit and supper with our favourite neighbourhood cowboy and his family. They were such troopers agreeing to stay even after I explained how a recipe for Meatballs with mushroom sauce unexpectedly became a meatloaf dish.  
*Note to self: read ahead when trying a new recipe.

The colours over the past week have been unbelieveable.
This is what I see when I step out onto our front step.

I can't believe that in years past (three weeks from now) we will have had a foot of snow on the ground.

Us Northern Canadians?
That's the only explanation.
For now I choose to live in denial and pretend this will be my reality for at least two more months.
If not?
Well, I imagine I will likely blog about it.

Unless of course...

my fingers




Then... just send Hot Chocolate.
It's the only thing that will help.

(And maybe a bit of Bailey's too... as I understand it has muscle relaxant properties to help with the stiffness)  

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  1. Your daughter is a natural! Lovin' the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I hope you don't get snow in a mere 3 weeks because that would mean that we would be getting snow soon after that. . .and I am just not quite ready for snow yet. Enjoy the colors!

  3. I think you have a photographer there......great shots & edits! And such a beautiful view out of your house! Almost all our leaves are gone from our trees and today was a gloomy day that reminded me that it's fall. Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. sounds like a great weekend! and the meatballs to meatloaf sounds interesting...

  5. Our leaves haven't even started to change yet! Your daughter did a great job with the pictures! Maybe she can guest blog and fill the rest of us in on how to do the vintage editing?! :)

  6. accidentally announced that someone died?

    That's hugely awkward...

    I actually got a call once that one of my employee's husband, who had been critically ill, had died.

    The next morning I called the other department heads, let them know, called our regional director and let her know, was getting ready to cover my employee's leave...

    And then the employee called me to announce that he was not dead.

    I felt a little silly and a lot awkward.

    Sadly, he did eventually pass, but I felt REALLY awkward telling everyone again.

    The question, "Are you sure this time?" was asked more than once.

    But I'm sure people at the church were forgiving.

  7. Nice edit with the photo there. :) Might have gotten the great perspective/shooting/photo genes from mum I suppose?

  8. Love the editing. Cute little cowboy...and soon our leaves will be changing too!
    We look forward to snow here...but we only get 1 good snowfall if we are lucky enough to get that!
    Have a great day!

  9. Is that the same daughter that has the computer skills? That is one multi talented child!

    We're enjoying the beautiful weather and colors too. No snow here yet, either, though we have been known to have a flurry or two sometimes right at the beginning of October.

  10. Sorry about the church blunder, mortifying!

    Great photos as always, love the vintage edit and love the cowboy!

  11. I wish we had a farmers market near us. I would love to get ideas and fresh food at that! Your daughter is doing amazing at photography! Tell her to keep up the great work!

  12. Several items of biz here today.

    1. Love the name Thelma. how stable.

    2. Love the little cowboy. Heartbreaker.

    3. how cool to have a shared interest with your daughter, and knowing that in the future she will attribute this loved hobby to you

    4. amazing photo skills of her already

    5. ahem, you've discovered mommy's "special creamer" coughbaileyscough


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