Friday, December 24, 2010

This Digital Nativity Story Brought us Joy on Christmas

Uploaded by ExcentricPT. - Sitcom, sketch, and standup comedy videos.

We were late for church tonight.
We thought Mass started at 4:30.
We were ready to go, as per The Agronomist's orders, out the door at 4:00pm.

As we were getting our coats The Agronomist looked at our tickets.
Then he looked up and said, this says 4:00pm.

Our church is full at Christmas.
Regular parishioners can pick up tickets at mass in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
We knew there would be no room at the inn.
But we decided to go knock on the door anyway.

We were told there was standing room only.
With a few tears from youngest we decided to give it a try.
We found a wall at the back, youngest was still in tears, not happy about the situation at all.

A lovely friend and usher, looked at us shook his head and said, "come with me."
He had found a seat for five bums and we enjoyed a lovely service.

There is one thing I am certain of; our little mishap was far less traumatizing than Mary's experience on this night so long ago.

So far:
We've enjoyed a wonderful evening with many friends.
We've blown out some candles and sang Happy Birthday baby Jesus.
A few gifts have been unwrapped from under the tree.
We are full.

Arthur is playing on the computer in the background, while The Agronomist is clinking dishes in the kitchen.
Middlest is trying to find her breath and we've sat outside in the cold to try and relieve her asthma.
Eldest is googling whether or not she can sleep lying down.
And I am writing this note so that I do not forget how blessed I am on this particular evening.

We laughed with friends while watching the above modern day digital story of the Nativity.
When you have two minutes.
Watch it.

It is a lovely story.

Tomorrow is Turkey day,
I plan on being stuffed : )

Joyeux Noel!


Thank you to everyone who shared their awesome Joyfilled posts and photos below!
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  1. Oh, I love this video, too.

    And my thoughts are with all of you this Christmas.

    What a wonderful family you have.

    All 3 of my boys have asthma,too, and the winter is a doozy on them.

    A blessed New Year to you, Wonderful Dana!

    Thank you for all your electronic love this year. To think I didn't even know you this time last year.


  2. Just stopping in to wish you and your family a belated very Merry Christmas Dana. I'm looking forward to seeing some flash photos from your new wizz-bang camera in the new year - woohoo!! :-)

  3. Hi Dana, I really enjoyed visiting the joyful links. What a great idea. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

  4. I came across your blog because Sweet Faerie did a design for my blog this month as well. This post is utterly fantastic! I love it. Can't wait to read more of your blog (and hopefully learning a thing or two from you about taking good photographs - I am getting my first DSL next month. Can't wait!


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