Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ups and Downs

I'm a fugitive Canadian being held captive in the US of A!
OK... so it's my own fault.
I lost my passport, and I've been holding my breath ever since realizing this little tidbit of info.
I'm surprised I'm still alive.
What with not breathing and all.

I am a lost Canadian on American soil, for realz.
Didn't realize it until I was at the airport this morning.
So I've had my tears and dealt with my fears.
If all goes according to plan I will back home on.....Thursday.
Thank you to Trish (above) and Nikki, who mothered me back from the edge of despair.

About the photography workshop.
So much to tell you.
For instance: This was a photo taken to practice finding good light.
Particularly trying to find the catch lights in your subject's eyes.
This was just one of the hundreds of nuggets I gleaned.

This photography program will be interrupted by the following announcement:

Can I just say that this small town city Canadian girl
just drove down a five lane freeway with signs that read No. 5 to Los Angeles.
That was the fears part.
I managed to get to my destination with only one violent swerve across those five lanes
I had to listen to GPS Cindy who was forcefully telling me
a.t. t.h.e. v.e.r.y. l.a.s.t. m.i.n.u.t.e
to turn right now... turn right now.

I failed to mention this part of my journey to The Agronomist.
I like him to be surprised when he reads my blog sometimes.
It keeps him coming back.

I think I may need to start breathing before I share any more of the workshop with you.
I'm just...just... starting to process it.
It was a real leap of faith for me.
Was it an act of photography craziness?
Was it going to be worth it?
Would I feel as though I could keep up?
Yes, Yes and Yes again.

My head feels like it's going to explode.
And I'm running out of battery.

I promise to tell you all about it.
It has definitely been a weekend with many wonderful ups and one big big down.

Love ya like California rolls,
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  1. I have no issues with you being held captive in the U S of A due to a lost passport. Sorry to hear about that, BTW. I can only imagine how horrible that moment was when you realized your did not have your passport. Can't wait to read about your experience and learn from you.

  2. Safe & hopefully quick travels back home! Can't wait to hear about the workshop.

  3. Oh wow, I am so sorry that you are stuck! And that 5 lane screechy turn? I've pulled one of those. It's one of those things that takes years off your life *shudder*. Glad you are with friends.

  4. Losing your passport is not good :-D But be thankful you are in sunny California instead of like...Mexico!
    Have fun on your extra few days there!

  5. Oh, only to you.

    CanNOT wait to hear and see all you've learned.

    Take care, mama.

  6. wow everyone's dressed in sandals and those clouds don't look very nice but gosh I want a camera so bad . I hope you are enjoying LA

  7. Looking forward to hearing more about your class!

    So sorry to hear about the passport -- we had our passports, bank cards, checkbooks -- everything, stolen on a visit to North Van, BC a couple of years ago -- so traumatic, and we have never been able to recover the thousands of dollars stolen from our Canadian bank account. The mounties were wonderful and eventually recovered our passports, and kids' textbooks, and a Bible, but that's it.

    So glad it was only a passport you lost -- maybe if you smile nice at the border they'll let you back in?

  8. Just found you blog through "oops there goes my mind." I am so jealous that you went to this workshop! Fun for you!

  9. Safe trips dear! Hoping to get your lost passport soon!

  10. YIKES!! Driving in LA sounds like the bravest part :) Can't wait to get all the details of your trip

  11. oh noooooo!! so sorry to hear about your troubles, dana ... not sure which is worse - the missing passport or having to drive in LA! good luck!

  12. You rock for following your little garmin voice through LA traffic!!

    So sorry about the passport thingie. . .that is SO something I would do.

    Please continue to breathe so that we can hear more about the fabulous tips you picked up!

  13. They really won't let you back without the passport? I am not an international traveler....they won't accept a promise that you aren't a terrorist? Pictures of your kids back home won't do?
    I am terrified for you.

  14. oh Dana - Hoping everything works out and you make it back home soon!

  15. If I was going to get stuck somewhere, Cali would be high on my list! Enjoy your entrapment!

  16. Sorry to hear about the passport glitch, but am thrilled that you had a great time.

    At least one of us will still be taking pics... (you'd better read my latest post) :-(

  17. Can't wait to hear more! That shot is already gorgeous...and if you really get stuck I'm just a short plane ride away :)

  18. Sorry about the down...but cannot wait to hear about the ups!
    Glad you are with some nice people and in a nice place!

  19. Sorry you lost your passport, but it sounds like you are having one heck of a good time!


  20. I am cracking up because my inlaws are from a small Canadian town and when they come here to visit, they are in the same mindset! LOL:))

  21. dana sending you some hugs!

    my flight got canceled out of chicago last night. so i had to stay the night in chicago and i flew home this morning. it was a long day and night. thought of you often though!

  22. Why didn't you call me? Didn't your original flight lay over at Sky Harbor? We could have hung out for a few days, taken pics of Evie in pink against the green wall, had a few chats. It would have been great. Instead. You're stuck in CA.
    Sorry to make light of this. But if you need anything, call me. Email me.

  23. Oh NO Dana! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish I had known. Are you ok? Do you need anything? I'm just moments away and would be happy to help in any way I can. Please send me an e-mail or another blog comment if you need anything at all. I don't work so I should be around here tomorrow and Wednesday and the rest of the week for that matter...

    I love your style in photography and look forward to keeping up with you. Great Work!

  24. dana i forgot to tell you....i was the last person on our flight!
    i walked in and they closed the doors.
    i barely made it.
    it's good i went when i did.
    this is so crazy.
    at least you aren't in a bad trapped in a foreign country that is scary.
    although the 5 at rush hour is scary.
    your picture of tyler is STUNNING.
    he has got to love that!
    it was fabulous meeting you. and learning together.
    so bummed it ended the way it did.
    hope you make it home soon.

  25. What a teaser. I bet you had a ton of fun. I can only imagine life without kids...I mean doing something for myself because it would be a great opportunity. I will just live vicariously through you. Only I won't lose my passport. Gulp!

  26. Hi,

    Been reading for awhile, yet to leave a comment...until now...

    Wanted to empathize with what jerks the US customs agents can it them holding you back or the Canadians? (honestly since I've been living in the States Canadian customs has treated me with skepticism despite my Canadian passport.)

    I am a Canadian living in the States and have had my fair share of run ins with the US customs workers "threatening" to give me huge fines because I didn't have the exact perfect document they suddenly needed...or because of mistakes like my green card having expired while I was in Canada and my new one not having arrived yet (talking like 3 days past due, ridiculous)...

    And this past trip back to the States after being in Canada for the holidays left me sick to my stomach as I pulled out my wallet only to find the "green card pocket" was empty...

    More threats of fines, lectures of "this card is more important than your passport" blah blah, with my two little kids running around and screaming and me doing my best to hold my emotions together in such a stressful situation...

    they let me back in. Now to find my card that is lost somewhere around here...

    Hang in there, fellow Canadian in America.

  27. Dana,

    It was great meeting you! So sorry to hear about your troubles trying to get away from us Crazy Americans.

    All the best. Cam

  28. Oh my gosh...I was MIA for a few days and somehow missed this DID indeed lose your passport! How scary!!!!! I hope to hear from you really really soon that you're back home....and freezing (along with me). Take care & stay safe my friend.


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