Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Youngest: This Is My Wish For You

I was the eldest of four girls.
And now I have three of my own.
I now see very clearly,  the complexities of birth order. 
I thought I had it tough.
Little did I know.

As the eldest you blaze your own trail.
No one to follow, no one to compare yourself to.

As I watch Youngest watching.
I see how she tries to follow in their footsteps.
These beautiful, bright, bigger than life sisters.

I know the imprints will be far too big for her.
And I want her to know,
truly know, that her footsteps are just perfect.
I want to whisper in her ear,
"They are just the right size."

Even though I know she will brush away my words,
trying to match each and every toe to theirs.

She didn't know them at age eight.
She doesn't remember "their" eight.
If she could, she would realize
she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Time will fly.
Of this I am certain.
And as all mothers do, I want to clip her wings and keep her close.
I want her to know deep in her heart,
There is no need to hurry.

That life is like her favourite Harry Potter.
To truly understand...
Each and every page needs to be read.
Trying to skip chapters just makes the story confusing.

Take your time Youngest,
and enjoy each and every page.

One day you will fit into your sister's shoes.
And they may even ask to borrow a pair of yours.
And hopefully the three of you, 
will walk through the many miles that life has to offer,

This is my wish for you.

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  1. She looks like she is making a fine path for herself there!

  2. She takes such wonderful pictures. I love the word picture of your girls walking together.

  3. What a sweet gift to your youngest daughter, both in words and in photos.

  4. Such a beautiful're so good with words. Youngest will for sure cherish this post.

  5. Dana...this is perfection.
    What a beautiful gift you've given your daughter.

  6. Perfect‘Y’ post!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday!



  7. Just lovely! As she is.


  8. I love this, perfectly said.

  9. What a great post! I love it. We all want to be where we are not. She is beautiful where she is at....

  10. Print it off, put it in a book, and keep this for her! She's lovely!

  11. Beautiful pics and wonderful words Dana! x

  12. You know, do you have personal memory books for your girls?

    This is wonderful.

    Dana..are our kids the same age?

    9, 14, 16?



  13. geez, dana, this is beautiful ... totally TOTALLY get what you're saying to her - so well said! and that very last photo of her?! wow - just WOW! amazing in every way ...

  14. Dana. What a lovely, lovely post. This made me cry. You have so perfectly captured my feelings for my Grandchildren...and my children.

    Bless you for sharing this.

    Your ability to share your heart is astonishing.


    Jenny Matlock

  15. Just catching up, this is beautiful. I'm an only and that of course is complicated too. What wonderful thoughts and memories you are making for your girls here.


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