Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Busy

Youngest went swimming on Friday with her class.
Luckily I managed to talk her out of my having to wear a bathing suit.
This might just be a highlight of the month for me, second only to Christmas.

The weather here in our Northern neck of the woods has been extremely balmy.
It has made me giddy with running shoe wearability.

We attended a Boys Choir Christmas Concert this evening..
It is only one of seven boys choirs across the country.
It was amazing.
So amazing,
it made me lose my mind for a few moments
and want to teach drama again.
I have since come to my senses.

I have to come clean. I am eating sugar again, here and there;
but not without some duress.
Twice this evening I have opened the freezer to sample some muffins,
and both times hit my elbow on the side of the fridge.
This has never happened to me before.
But tonight?
The same exact spot, two times in a row.
I figure God is trying to tell me something.
Or else I've encountered the sudden growth of my elbows 
which are now obviously hindering my movements.

We visited Nana this afternoon.
She was full of stories.
Some of which I hadn't heard before.
I will make sure to share with you the story of the pink dress
another time.
We brought her a dancing Snoopy.
She loved to dance.
He really knows how to kick up a heel.
He kind of shuffles to one side and then shimmies to the other.
She loved him.
And we love her.

It's been busy.
So this post is squeaking in on the late side of the day.

So Good night my friends,
we'll see you in the morrow.

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  1. You have been so busy with wonderful things to do!

  2. I always enjoy your thoughts and photos! Loved the thought of a photo a day! Awesome!

  3. aw, your visit with nana sounds wonderful - we used to bring my gigi dancing stuffed animals too ... must be something to it ;-)

    have a wonderful night, dana ...

  4. Wonderful things happening for you last week!


  5. I am eating tons and tons of sugar....Need to clean it up badly! But the cookies and sweets and candy. I just cant!


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