Monday, December 19, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Cookies

Youngest went to spend the afternoon with a friend.
They baked cookies.
Chocolate chip cookies.

They were so good, I left a message asking for the recipe.
Youngest said they weren't from a cookbook,
but from a special recipe box.

I hope the word "secret" wasn't written on the front.
If we get the recipe I will ask if it can be shared.
It was truly that good.

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  1. I'm always looking for the ultimate Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, so I'll be checking back.....

  2. Love It! i'm a foodie --So! Ya (You know what that means)everything from scratch! (Well Almost)LOL! I do struggle between Box mixes verses recipes from scratch/blood/sweat/and tears over a stove/oven! That being said even the best chefs have said its hard to beat a box cake mix! < Or maybe thats just a rumor alert started by the Non-Foodies among us! : )Jill T

  3. Love the photo Dana. Your pictures really put me in the Christmas spirit! I hope you are able to obtain that recipe!! :))

  4. Cookies? Did someone say cookies?!?

    What a happy capture.

  5. She looks so happy tasting her baking success!

  6. Hope they share it. I'm still not quite happy with my chocolate chip cookie recipe.


  7. Please send two dozen. Thank you.

  8. oh, dana, I am ALL ABOUT that cc cookie recipe, I hope you get the go signal to share!!


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