Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Eldest

Thoughtful Gabrielle

Dear Eldest,

You will never have all the answers,
but that doesn't mean asking questions is futile.

You are a gift, and when we say that, we mean you,
not what you do, or say, or wear, or accomplish.

We mean you,
the person within.
Remember.... she is enough.

Because she is exactly who God planned.
And he created a one of a kind... masterpiece,
that we are doing are best not to screw up.

So please bear with us, as we muddle along trying to figure out this parenting thing.
You have been patient and in spite of us, are doing great.

We love you,
the happy you, the sad you, the irritated you, the daydreamer you, the quirky you, the singing you, the cheesy you, the talking you, the quiet you, the grumpy you, the silly you, the patient you, the impatient you, and the you's we've yet to meet.  

Each and every day with you in it,
is a day we cherish.
Thank you for helping to blaze the trail for your sisters.
It isn't easy being the Eldest.
But we just wanted you to know,
We think you are doing an awesome job.


Mom and Dad

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  1. What a beautiful letter for a beautiful girl.
    have a happy day dana

  2. Image and thoughts are so lovely... I'm speechless.

  3. I can't imagine how amazing it must feel (at your daughter's age) to get a letter like that from your mother. Wow.

  4. Sniff. love.

    I wrote a letter to Eloise last week when she turned 9 basically asking for her forgiveness for messing stuff up all the time for her as she is the eldest and I'm an idiot. So glad to have you in my company dear friend. lolol

  5. What a wonderful letter to a special girl! I bet she loved it.

  6. Dana, you are a wonderful and loving parent. Your daughter knows this.

  7. This was truly beautiful, Dana. The prose so well-written, and that shot of your daughter--wow. Watch out, Mama.

  8. whoa, Dana, let me grab a tissue and wipe my tears - I need to collect myself after reading this AMAZING letter to your daughter ... it expresses exactly what I want to say to my sweet sensitive beautiful eldest each and every day - so incredibly well said, Dana. wow. just wow.

  9. Now, THAT is some good parenting.

    She is a lucky girl. (As you are lucky to have her!)


  10. Parenting is a tricky thing. It's not easy sometimes. Your sentiments are beautifully touching. I hope your daughter loves the letter as much as I do.

  11. A good reminder to us parents, even those of us with only one at home.

    This heartfelt post touched me and gave me pause to always, always cherish the individuality that defines each of my three children.

  12. What a gift to her these words must be. Very tender.

  13. Great ‘E’ post for a beautiful girl!

    Have a great weekend too,

    Here’s mine

  14. I'm having a rough parenting day, and I'm completely exhausted. This post brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful photo and beautiful words!

  15. I will never stop bothering you till you make each one her book on blog2book.

    That's not true...I'd come by anyway.

    Cuz I love your blog.


  16. This is beautiful and an amazing picture of your daughter from the outside in. You captured parenting and being parented so perfectly.

  17. Hello.
    WoW! How thoughtful & what a lovely way to express your love for your eldest. You're giving her a solid foundation (your words) upon which to build (grow). I hope your daughter cherishes this letter for when she has her own daughters in the future.

    I am touched by your heartfelt expressions.
    Thank you for sharing.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  18. Dana, so eloquent and beautiful.

    Reading this felt like an early Christmas gift.

    Bless you.

    Hugs and...



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