Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Middlest

While I haven't written one blog post about it...(Bad mom, bad baad mom)
Over the past three months, 
we have been spending a lot of time watching Middlest play Volleyball.

When she was younger we knew she had some sporting talent.
On the soccer field as a little girl she already had some great moves.
As she got older however, her asthma kicked into high gear and
any exertion seemed to leave her breathless.

Just this past summer though, 
she decided to take a one week Volleyball camp held at our local college.
It seemed her asthma could tolerate jumping
as opposed to running up and down a field. 
So at the beginning of September she tried out for her Junior high volleyball team.

All the junior high girls who showed up for tryouts were accepted.
All 40 of them!
What an amazing school.
There were three "B" teams and one "A" team.

Needless to say Middlest knocked our socks off.
The girl had some talent.
We're not quite sure where she was getting the strength for her vertical?
But we've concluded that "wiry" muscle mass must be hidden in those legs, somewhere.

She was gracious enough to let her older sister help coach the team.
So maybe perhaps some credit could go just an eensy teensy bit to her big sister,
and her other two coaches as well.

The Agonomist and I always loved team sports
even though neither of us were stellar athletes.
And now that we have kids?
We just love watching them play.
It's more fun than we could have ever imagined!

Just maybe,
It's because they are actually good,
and play the way we wanted to in our daydreams. 

I figure that's why we had kids...
to live vicarously through them of course.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I need to go ice my buttocks glutes.
You see, I've been working out a lot lately... sitting in the bleachers.
And need to make sure I'm ready to watch Youngest's soccer season, which is just beginning.

The life of a parent of an athlete...
It's a tough go, but I think I'm up for it.

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  1. What fun it must be to watch her in action!

  2. Love your stoic parental athleticism!



    PS. She is quite a go-getter! Pretty cool.

  3. Looks like she is good!
    sandy toe

  4. :o) Why else would we have kids?
    As usual your posts are such a pleasure to read

  5. Great action!

    Your kids are so cool!

    And you are such a cool Mom!

  6. That's awesome! So great that she could find a sport that agrees with her!

  7. These photos...have you hard of Blog2Book?

    My husband did this, from my blog, for my birthday.

    All my posts, into a book. It was under 50 dollars. NO comments included, to cut down on costs.

    But, what a gift it would be for your daughters.

    You can choose which posts are included. So you could do a book for each one only of the posts on that one.

    Hard cover, too.

    My husband did Baby E.

    I love it.

    He loves it.

    He keeps it on his bed.

    And, now, I'm crying...


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