Friday, January 27, 2012

I've Been Thinking About Her All Morning

As I post this, Eldest is sitting in a large gym with a hundred other students
writing her Physics 30 departmental exam.

I've been thinking about her all morning.

When I look at all the study papers strewn on the table, I casually lean over and read question 13:

Monochromatic, 6.20 x 1014 Hz EMR 
is shone through diffraction grating which is rated at 150 slits/mm.  
Determine the angle to the second-order maximum.

With her calculations and answer in pencil scribbled across beneath.

And I wonder how she is able to do it?
Her mother (that would be me) would have caught a bus to Timbuktu in order to
get out of any Physics courses.

As she was reviewing late last night, I figured I would make her feel better by saying,
"Just think Honey, after tomorrow, you'll never have to look at another Physic's problem ever again."
To which she looked up at me a little surprised and replied.

"I don't know... I kind of like it."
I just looked at her and said.... "Oh?  Well of course if you like it you might want to take more."

 Those Agronomist genes are strong my friends, v.e.r.y  v.e.r.y  strong.

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  1. Ha! My son asked to go to public school so he could take Honors Physics. And I said, "Be my guest!". No way in the world I could have taught any kind of physics, much less honors. Hope your girl does well!

  2. I cannot wait for the day when my girls are old enough to excel at something I do not. I imagine mama pride is uncontainable at that point. :)

  3. Smart AND Beautiful. I think pyshics was the only honors class I DIDN't take in school. I think I was pretty smart for making that decision! ;)

  4. First of all your post on your "crush". . .oh my goodness too funny!

    Loved your funnees from pinterest. Especially the fat cat!

    Isn't it good that they got their smarts from their fathers???

  5. I am weak in math and I passed on my weak-math genes to my progeny. We're all liberal-artsy and proud of it. Mr. Mom, the only left-brain in our home, struggles to cope with us.

  6. bet she's the only physics student with super cool ombre hair and awesome fashion sense! hope she nails it :)

  7. My son LOVES physics also. He's in an advanced physics class this semester and recently had to write a 10-page paper which he then presented to his class. However, his paper was over 20 pp because he simply had more to share.

    Like you, I would have run to Timbukto also.

    BTW, he's applied to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Do you know anything about the university? It's about a 10-hour drive from our Minnesota home. Too far for this mom.

  8. Every time I read one of your posts I'm struck by how insanely beautiful your daughters are. And now you're telling me they're wicked smart too?
    Ugh. Glad I'm so much older and already married...I'd hate to have them for competition.

  9. Yikes that question makes me want to run in the other direction! She is one smart cookie!

  10. All of those genes in our family come from my hubby, too.

    I run for the hills when it comes to any kind of equation.


  11. Which is Exactly why I smarly picked the man (mine, not yours)

    Because I have ZERO math genius to add to the pool.

    Knew the man would have to add 100% of any number sense.

  12. I'm sending her a little prayer, but I don't think she'll need it. She is focused and determined...she will be a rock star!

    And Dana?

    Exhale. Once or twice.

  13. Oh my - I think I need to get on that bus to "I have no clue about physics" right now as I get all crossed-eyed when my 9 year old asks me about quadrangles.

  14. You really do make beautiful girls :-) I'm sure that eldest did well, and can fully relate. My breath will be on hold during June when the son and daughter hit their first lot of uni exams for this year. I think it is harder on the mothers personally!

  15. Good for her. My eldest loves physics too, and she didn't get that from or her dad! Her great grandpa was a physicist and worked for the US Navy in the 50's. Hmmmm....maybe from him?

    i help her and the middlest study for their physics and frankly, it puts me to sleep. But as a mom my heart bursts with pride as I am sure yours does too. Love having smart and beautiful girls, don't you?

  16. Physics scares me too. I am not sure how I will handle it when Boyd has homework like that. I hope she did really well on the test. She is such a beauty, and I'm still loving her hair color. :)

  17. Gorgeous and smart. Oh my.
    I have a friend that majored in Physics. He knew he wanted to be a missionary. He currently lives in Chad. Knowing that, I always wondered why in the world he would major in Physics.
    Cool that she likes sounds like a very foreign language. Alien foreign.

  18. I'm proud of her, and she's not even mine!


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