Thursday, March 08, 2012

She's My American Idol

We are American Idol die hards.
We haven't missed a show yet.
We love Heejun and Philip Philips.
But mostly Heejun.

Youngest is dreaming the dream.
One day she would love to be an American Idol.

It will very difficult though,
seeing as how we are Canadian.

That doesn't matter though because she's our very own American (Canadian) Idol.
It just seems to come naturally to her.
Nine years old.
I love it.

I probably shouldn't say this,
but she gets it from her mother.
Who Heavens to Betsy wanted to be a rock star herself.

It will be our little secret.

If you keep it,
I promise never to use "Heaven" and "Betsy" in the same sentence again.

Youngest loves Maroon Five songs and Adele.
And she sings them too.
So I decided to videotape her.

It is a real professional job... for a beginner.
Top notch.
Especially the part where I walk into the table...

20 seconds of amazing videography.
Except of course the part that isn't in focus.

But it just doesn't matter does it?
Because she just sang so darn sweet.

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  1. Um, I'm thinking a trip across the border is in order! Wow kazowee! I love her voice!! Seriously, Bieber paved the way for the Canadians ;) Come on down! I really wish you would have gotten the entire song... I didn't want to stop listening...

  2. Wow! She has a really nice voice! She doesn't sound anything like any 9 year olds I know... trust me on this one! I agree with Lainie that it would have been nice to hear the whole song! :)

  3. Im terrible a videos too. . .mine are usually all herky jerky!

    She has a beautiful voice!

  4. You HAVE to tell her this about yourself: that you wanted to be a rock star.

    YOU HAVE to share this dream with her.

  5. OK, I haven't watched the clip yet because I just got a new computer and the speakers aren't hooked up yet and I am not smart enough to do this myself. That will be done by the in-house techie. Anyway, I used to be a die-hard American Idol fan, too, but have only watched it a few times this year. Apparently, the appeal has worn off for me.

    And, just so you know, there is a children's book titled "Heaven to Betsy," written by Mankato, Minnesota, author Maud Hart Lovelace. She began writing her "Betsy-Tacy" series, based on her childhood, in the late 1930s. These are absolutely delightful stories about three childhood friends.

  6. I love the tone of her voice. It's wonderful!

    Have you guys watched The Voice? I'll bet she would like that with the lead singer of Maroon Five being one of the judges.


  7. You should seriously consider singing and piano lessons. She knows what she is doing! even when it's out of focus ;o)

  8. Your girls are so pretty, and now I see your little one is very talented as a singer! What a beautiful voice. Loved the video.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Didn't you know there is Canadian Idol now? Just google 'canadian idol 2012' and it will bring you to CTV's website. There is even online auditions where you can send in your own video clip. The contest is closed for this year - but you never know what the future brings!

  10. LOVED watching that video! It made my Canadian blogging friend's family jump off the page and become real!

    Maybe we should skype one day and laugh at each others' accents??

  11. Because I am a wannabe Idol judge . . .

    "What a beautiful tone to your voice, dawg!"

    And Heavens to Betsy, don't stop using that phrase. I use it, too. Makes me feel at home.

    PS: I'm loving Phillip. Can't quite get excited about Hee Jun.

  12. Go Youngest! But come on now Dana, 20 seconds? For real? We want to hear more! She is amazing!

  13. Bit late this week (visiting from Mrs Matlock’s),

    Did enjoy this post – great voice!

    Look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

  14. We love American Idol in our house too...but you have your very own real life singer at your house! What a beautiful voice your youngest has!


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