Monday, April 02, 2012

I'm Sorry... Was I Yelling?

Can you hear the gnashing of teeth from where you're sitting?
It is probably for the best.

Instead let us look at these serene peaceful photos.

I'm sorry.... 
Was I yelling?

I am really sorry.
It won't happen again.
deep breath.
green tea.
forward stretching happy downward dog stick out tongue.

I do not own yoga pants.
But in my mind, I am an amazing yogi.

These birds, crows, ravens were flying over my house last Saturday.
We woke up to the most beautiful hoar frost.

I was unable to show you because my computer needed some work.
And I'm only half way there in figuring out a new system to share my pictures with you.

See... no more yelling.
Only quiet contemplative problem solving going on over here.
And maybe a little swearing.
But only a little.
Along with some stretching.
OK I'm lying about the stretching.

Stretching is almost impossible without proper yoga pants.

Isn't it breathtaking?
I was in my pyjamas and The Agronomist's extra large hoodie
running from tree to tree taking photos.

The neighbours weren't awake yet.
I know this for a fact.
Because if they had been?  The conversation you would have overheard
would  have gone something like this...

Yes, officer he is running along the side of our house.
No officer I can't describe him, he is wearing a large dark hoodie over his face.
He seems to be wielding some sort of black weapon in his hands...

Thankfully I didn't end up behind bars.
And instead was streetwise enough
to duck into my own back yard to take pictures of our trampoline netting.

A week later I cannot believe this is what our world looked like on March 24th.
Since then we have been having sunshine and balmy weather.

So with this knowledge, I have hope.

I have hope that like the frozen branches
which have now thawed;
my computer problems too will soon see the sun.

And I will finally find peace.

Even without yoga pants.


PS Are you as impressed as I am that I figured out how to download pictures 
      straight from my camera onto the blog?  Me too.

PPS  And yes I realize this is a first world problem.  No more yelling.  I promise.

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  1. That trampoline picture is astounding. Lovely. Fix your computer already.

  2. Yes, I am impressed...with your temporary solution, your photos, and your...cough, cough...zen.


  3. I've been known to yell also when it comes to computer issues. You are far from alone. Beautiful hoarfrost images.

  4. You are awesome! I still have camera/computer issues.

  5. Sorry about the computer issues. Some days I say I really can't stand the computer, but I'd probably be yelling too without it. :) I can't believe that cold weather. Ahhhh. Today it's close to 90 and we are already feeling the summer heat here in Texas. I would take a tiny bit of that frost right now. Hope all is well! xo.

  6. I love the fence! Actuall all the pictures are amazing! I so want snow here!

  7. You're ahead of me, sister. I couldn't solve a computer problem on my own -- or camera problem for that matter -- to save my life.

    It was 90 here yesterday. Yuck. I wanted a winter and didn't get it and now spring has done R-U-N-N-O-F-T. I'm not yelling, but I'm not exactly a happy camper about it, either.

  8. Oh, I just asked my husband to show me this weekend, how to get my pictures on to my blog and he never had the time.

    Tell me how?? Please??? (no's not like I"D BE COMPETITION with the cheezy old camera I have...xo)

  9. WOW! Super impressed! And the photos are beautiful!!!

  10. I feel like doing yoga just looking at your pictures. NICE!

  11. Wow, those frost photos are gorgeous. i would frame them and put them on my wall in a second.

  12. I've totally been there. Loved your photos.

    Have a great WW!

  13. Computers can be some dang frustrating!

  14. My goodness, Dana! This has gone on LONG ENOUGH! Oops, was I yelling? I would be FREAKING out by now...I am inspired by your "calm-a-tude". Namaste' my friend!

  15. missing you around here! :)


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