Monday, May 14, 2012

Boy Oh Boy: Part 2

Do you remember this guy?
I paid him a visit way back in November.
It's taken me almost six months to finally recover.
I took up marathon running to prepare for our next meeting.
Well,  to clarify,  Marathon Imagination Running.
It's kind of like the real thing, but you only experience it inside your head.
It's very not really effective, plus you don't sweat as much.

Anyhoo, I gave my Cool Sister a call to tell her 
I was once again capable of looking after an 18 month old.
And she informed me I might have to train a little harder, as Cool Nephew was now two!

Time?... It's not flying of it's own accord anymore,
Instead it's flying first class on the Concord,
Going waaay too fast if you ask me.

But that's OK because....

I loves me a party!
I will never. ever. be too old for balloons.
I believe in the right to celebrate.
But I have a few rules.

I've outlawed gift bags at the Bungalow.
Wrapping paper needs to be ripped and torn and tossed over shoulders.
Those boxes need to be dressed to the nines.
Plus sparkly bows are mandatory.

And of course,
Cupcakes must always be on the Birthday menu.
Especially two year old birthday menus.

Because we all know if parent's can get through "Two'
they can get through anything : )
Except maybe three.
Three might trump two.
It all depends on the who.
Or in this case, the "he."
We invited some of his favourite people.
Opa was definitely a guest of honour.

The paparazzi were there in droves.
Some in the form of cousins,
and a certain auntie who kept interrupting the festivities
by standing on tables.

While he is a man of few words,
(that I am able to decipher anyway)
I felt his approval loud and clear.

Auntie Dana has learned a thing or two in the past six months.
The fastest way to a boy's heart, is through his stomach.
And FYI,  running marathons is greatly diminished when a certain
two year old is strapped into his high chair.

Oh yes, my friends, I am learning the ways of "boy."
What is the saying?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Stay tuned my friends,
I have a feeling there is still much more to learn.
As it appears... there is more than one teacher on staff.


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  1. Oh, yes, when my son arrived after two daughters, I had a thing or 20 to learn.

    Your nephews are absolutely adorable.

  2. fabulous post -- marathon imagaination running (my kind of exercise). We had girls, our girl has a boy and it is a whole new world.

  3. What a cutie!

    Happy birthday to him; looks like you gave him one heck of a party!!


  4. Adorable. I hope you saved me a cupcake. (Also, Astrid is available)

  5. Oh, what a precious little boy!! Now that was a party fit for a king!

    I think he'll be back soon.

    Have a blessed day♥

  6. Dana, they get more delicious, too.

    And I say that in a totally non creepy way.

    He is wonderful and I love the picture of you taking a picture with your daughter taking a picture.

  7. He is so cute! Love his hair. :)

    I am firmly in Camp NoGiftBag too. Takes all the fun out of opening gifts. And then there's always that awkward moment where the recipient keeps fishing expecting there to be more and the giver feels deflated and say, "there's nothing else." :(

  8. Look at them! They are adorable! Happy Birthday...looks like he enjoyed the cupcakes!

  9. Great pics; I love that last shot! So cute! Great composition!

  10. He is so very adorable. The party looks great, and the cupcakes look delicious. Love it all! So much fun. I can tell you are eating him up. :)


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