Wednesday, January 09, 2013

When I Knew... He Was The One

I wasn't joking on my Monday's post when I wrote
that I didn't realize how much snow we had been getting.
Our winter started very early this year. Almost a whole month earlier than years past.

The Agronomist however has been very aware.
He is always closely monitoring the weather patterns (read: weather geek)
It's very sexy.  I love when he talks precipitation.
It's the farmer in him.
He can't help it.

How many inches of rain, heat units, and the level of moisture in the soil
are all topics of conversation.
We know our weather here at the Bungalow.
The Weather Network is the most used link on our computer.

This winter, the snow has become a concern to the Agronomist.
Ever since completing our basement reno
and installing a beam that spans the the length of the new family room,
The Agronomist has been checking the load bearing wall upstairs and the rise of the floor.

It's making him nervous.
And when he gets nervous.
We all get nervous.
You see he really is a superhero.
He has nerves of steel.
Along with a special power.

I've secretly known his secret power over the past twenty years.
It was revealed to me by one of his room mates back in University.

He was in awe of The Agronomist when he told me the story:

He said it didn't matter how early the other three roommates woke up.
The snow had already been cleared from the walk.
It didn't matter how much snow or how often,
the Agronomist donned his gloves long before anyone knew it had even snowed, 
and proceeded to quickly and quietly clear it.

He made sure that all who came and went could do so safely.

I knew this spoke volumes about his character.
He was a Northern Canadian Superhero.
Shovelling long walks with a single bound,
ensuring all those around him were out of harm's way.

He was someone you could rely on,
someone who thought about others before himself.
And someone... who looked really good in work gloves and a toque.

I secretly decided then and there he was the one for me.
No. really. 
I did.
In a few months it will have been twenty years since we said " I do."

It wasn't until just recently while I watched the Agronomist
shovel the snow from our roof 
that I realized how right I was about him.

To this day he is still scaling tall buildings to make sure his family is safe.
And he continues to be my Superhero.

I love watching him shovel.
It actually makes all the talk about weather worth it : )

I wonder if there are insulated Superhero bodysuits?  
With cold ratings down to -38 degrees celsius?

I think... I just figured out what to get him for our Anniversary.


Jenny Matlock
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  1. You are one lucky lady! Mine too can shovel a sidewalk and driveway in one swoop but mine can shovel manure like it's nobodies business. It is those Alberta boys that know how to work hard!

  2. I haven't ever lived in a place where we had to shovel our roof. It is so cool that he stays on top of it.

  3. Oh, Dana, what an adorable love story. Sometimes my husband has to shovel snow off our Minnesota roof, too. Ice dams are the major problem we have on the south side of our house.

    Ask the Agronomist if he's ever heard of houses shifting and moving due to drought conditions. Apparently that is happening in my region of Minnesota, causing huge cracks in foundations and walls.

  4. I love this post.

    And mostly I love that you're back blogging again. I've missed you, my friend!

  5. That is the sweetest thing ever. And now I'm twice as glad it's not snowing here, as I have no one to do all the shoveling!

  6. Very romantic! And the snow pictures cooled me. We expect temperatures of well over 100 degrees tomorrow!

  7. I am in awe. My hubby leaves shoveling until it is absolutely necessary, drives me crazy. Fortunately I now have a 15 year old who likes his allowance.

    We too struggle with ice dams on our Minnesota house, can't convince my guy that our roof needs shoveling after a 13" snowstorm, and now I can just see the ice building up. I guess when we have to do a major clean up and restoration inside the house he will finally get it. ugh.

    But for all of that, I am still in love as well, we just had our 25th last fall and I felt like we had earned a merit badge.

    Happy Anniversary to you soon, you have come up with the PERFECT gift idea!

  8. You got the winter too early, we haven't had any winter yet ! instead the temperatures are over 0° and it rains cheerfully every single day in Belgium !

  9. Your Northern Canadian superhero -- love that! And I love that shovel. Will have to see if Chicago imports roof scoops. Great post. Glad to read you again.

  10. Ahhh...he sounds like the perfect guy!

  11. Dana! It's been so long! Thanks for the comment on my "flash fiction."

    Rod hasn't had to shovel any snow since he left Edmonton to live in the states. He's still my hero, though, because he cuts the grass and does all the edging. He even planted all the flowers in my new flower bed! That was a first!

  12. Gosh here on LI we're still waiting for snow. Even seasonal temps. In the 50s!

  13. Such a cute post about your husband. And yes, it's VERY clear that you made an excellent choice...


  14. Such a sweet post Dana. I just love it! Amazing pictures too. I would never know what to do with that much snow. :))

  15. This is awesome! Happy Anniversary!

  16. I think he was lucky to find you, too! I think you make him into even more of a superhero!

    I hope you can find the insulated super-hero suit! I tried googling it but nothing came up!

    I'm happy you have each other!

    Thanks for sharing your snow superman with us.


  17. What a sweet post!!! hugs, cathy


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