Friday, March 08, 2013

A Life Sentence

She hates her glasses.
They are new.

She feels like a librarian.
With assignments up the wazoo.

Too much pressure.
So much work to do.

It doesn't matter what I say.
My words are few.

When the tests are written and essays done,
will the memory of grade 12 be only a blur?

Did we make a mistake?
This program for kids like her?

Her prison is real in every way.

It feels like a life sentence
plus one more day.


The mountain of assignments and Essays that were all due within the same week have all been handed in, so yes there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel!

...and it has also occurred to me that her Sylvia Plath essay may have affected me more than I realized :)

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  1. Having raised three kids, the eldest now 27, the youngest 19, I have found they sometimes need to figure life out on their own, although that does not keep me from inputting my motherly advice. One can only hope that they may accept some of your insights and that they will realize "this too shall pass."

    Hang in there. Both of you.

    I've missed your posts, Dana.

  2. Good for her! This too shall pass as I always tell my kids. ;)

  3. I think she looks beautiful in her glasses!
    Good for her for sticking with it all...that is a lot of work.
    She is strong and smart!

  4. Love this.
    But, like her, I'm not so fond of looooong study schedules, either.

    Still, the end is near. And she will make it! Looking just as beautiful (in or out of glasses) as ever.


    PS. Chuckled at the Plath comment.

  5. She's stunning.

    ..and I've missed you. xo

  6. Oh man.

    These bell jar observations are so intense!


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