Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teen Daughter's Bedroom Makeover

We've been working on our eldest daughter's bedroom for a while now.  It has been painted for a few years, and the bed and bookshelves were bought shortly after that.  But the layout just never really worked.  That is until just recently, when we made a few changes.  We've finally managed to create a private big girl space that fulfills all of our (almost) 15 year old daughter's needs.
On the spur of the moment, we decided to paint her bedroom on a Friday night.  I quickly ran to Totem (the only paint store open) and bought the paint for her room, and No, I'm not happy with the gold... thanks for asking.
The inspiration and idea I had for the room is above.
I found this page later, but it captured the bright ethnic feeling I was looking for.
We initially bought her this espresso IKEA daybed, along with two tall bookcases to place on either side of the window.  We kept it that way for awhile, but it just wasn't working.  
We also realized over the past year, that she needed her own space to do her hair and makeup. 
We only have one main bathroom for all five of us to use in the morning, and it was just becoming a bottle neck and cause for many arguments.  
Remember this is a 1956 Bungalow.  No ensuites for us : )
So a few months ago I decided to create a new room layout.  
The Agronomist used a shelf we had put in storage along with one of her dressers to create the much needed makeup area. 
We bought a smaller version of the mirror we have in the main bathroom, which allows our daughter to see many angles while she is doing her hair.
I moved the bookshelves that were initially on either side of the window, to create a hallway of sorts.  This was good, but I changed it slightly when I decided to turn one bookshelf toward to hall and the other toward her makeup/closet area.  
I had a page from a magazine of a teens room re-do, where a cubed shelf was placed straight into the room as you walked in, and I thought it was a great idea.
I'm so glad we were able use the concept here.  As you walk in, it gives her bedroom some privacy and also the feel of a studio apartment. 
We also attached a narrow IKEA mirror to the side of the bookshelf.  
The problem now, was what to do with the unsightly, unfinished back of each shelf.
We were lucky enough to find $7 cork boards that were an exact fit. Three of them fit perfectly down the back of each shelf, and our daughter has plenty of space to put up her momentos and pictures.
We have yet to decide how the bulletin boards will be finished.  The possibilities are endless.  
Paint, Wallpaper or fabric?  
To create a consistent look for all three or do something different is the question to be answered.  Any ideas out there? 
The Agronomist also attached halogen lights at the top of the shelves, as the "new" hallway was unable  to be lit from the centre of the room.
It is nice and bright now.

Our eldest, seemed to have an aversion to hanging her hoodies and bags in the closet so The Agronomist also attached two lengths of hooks along the left wall.  
I'm a great believer in identifying the problem and finding a realistic solution.  
Hooks and clothes along the wall may not be the most decorative of wall treatments, but it sure beats everything on the floor.
I try to pick my battles wisely.
This is her new improved makeup and hair area, which has freed up our family bathroom to the tune of at least 30 to 40 minutes.
On our whirlwind trip to IKEA I was inspired by this display, as I wasn't sure how to use the small space at the head of our daughter's day bed.
We found a floating shelf along with some narrow picture shelves at Jysk that were the perfect width.
We have had these prints for a few years, but just never knew where to hang them.  They were taken from a Calendar we found, and we used picture frames intended for old Record jackets.  I love the way they look on the picture rails.  And they can be switched around at any time.
We still have to decide what should be done with the wall space above the hooks as well as find a place for these paisley wall stickers I found at Winners.

My daughter thinks they would look great on her closet doors.

As we continue to work on the finishing touches I will be sure to give you a tour of the final space. The golden wall colour and ceiling feels very heavy in person, so a different colour for one of the walls may be part of the plan.

A Big smoochie Thank-you kiss goes to The Agronomist, for his 
Mother's Day Marathon~ Handyman Special~ Gift of Time

It was appreciated far more than any pedicure could ever be.

TMI?  Oh well... just don't look.  Hey I saw you sneak that peek. Go find yourself your own handyman. He's all mine... all mine I tell you.  Bah ha ha....

I can never leave a good post alone can I?  It could have been so classy, but no... it's beyond my scope.

Over and Out.. 

I have two more bedroom's on the agenda.

PS  I'll just be sitting here waiting for that call from Canadian House and Home, wondering if they can feature my room.  I'll be sure and let you know what issue it will be in... (I've been reading The Secret. Can you tell?)

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  1. WOW can i move in? LOL

    I love how you tried to utilize what you had to make it work! Its a great room i am sure lots of tweens would love to have that kind of space!

  2. My daughter would love a make-over like this:) Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Wow, what an incredible job! It looks FABULOUS ~ and now she'll never want to move out! ;)

  4. Love it!! We put those shelves up in our basement (for books), living room (pictures) and the kids rooms for various displays (books/pictures/a random car that my son decided needed to be THERE!).

    I agree too, everyone needs some of their own space. It's nice to carve out areas & make them your own.

  5. This looks fabulous Dana! Very impressed...and you know I love my Ikea!!

  6. i love how you made a hallway with the bookshelves. that's my absolute favorite!

  7. It all looks great - I particularly love the picture shelves. Great work!

  8. The hallway shelving is great and so very chic. I am a fan of the vanity area. Every woman needs her own space to pretty herself up.

  9. Looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Truly, you guys did an awesome job!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi!
    I'm impressed with the way you utilized the space and gave your daughter her own "apartment" style room. It looks great and really seems to work for her - great job!
    Stop by for a visit sometime!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  11. What a great room for a teen, great job!

  12. wow wow wow wow!! this is really fantastic!!

  13. I LOVED THIS POST! From your handsome handyman to your amazing design esthetic, so, so great! I too, am a huge believer in seeing a problem, coming up with a solution. My 10 yr old daughter has the same issue with purses, hoodies and bags. Time to buy some hooks! Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays" So glad to know you!

  14. You know, you're a mind reader.

    I was getting to the bottom of this post, and thought, "hey, this is too normal and functional..and..and...where's my friend Dana?"

    And, there you popped up, toward the bottom with the hawt hubby remarks....I knew you were in there.

    That is a killer room for a 15 yr old.

    What do you think of some of those vintage bird silhouettes for the corkboard?

    It's wonderful, I love it. And the shelves by her daybed are great. I've used framed calendar pictures, too. Dr. Seuss calendar pages in my baby's room.

    Beautiful. She must be so proud to show her friends.

  15. Wow! You did a great job, and we love IKEA, too. They have good, quality furniture at low prices. That's mine kind of stuff!

  16. I love absolutely everything! Particularly the "entryway" complete with clothes on hangers.

  17. Wonderful! Love the colors... and the gold! Very nice!

    Mom All Day

  18. great makeover! stopping in from toot your horn Tuesday!

  19. Love the yellow/gold-y color of the room! I our master painted that color and really love it! Rooms looks great!

  20. WOW - What a great transformation!!!! I would have loved a room like that.
    Thank you for sharing it for 'Three Or More'.
    Have a great week,

  21. That is amazing!!! Love it!

  22. It looks really really nice!!! Good job!

  23. Great use of space...
    one of the pictures shows a glimpse of the closet doors. I vote yes to the paisley on the closet door. She might have an eye for design. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree,huh?

    found you at New Nostalgia

  24. Hi..I’m Barb….I am from tip junkie.
    I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  25. The room looks great Dana! I love everything but I think my favorite part is the make-up / vanity area. What a wonderful idea! What girl wouldn't want a space like that? Also love what you did with the bookshelves - so creative! Can't wait to see more photos and your other girls rooms too!

  26. It looks good! AS for the bulletin boards I would wrap them in fabric. You could do them individually and just wrap and staple. OR take the frames off and wrap them in batting first, then fabric and do a memo board with ribbon wrapping in a criss-cross pattern, OR when you wrap over the frame you could add nailheads like I did with my son's burlap board.
    I haven't yet posted about my daughter's room (as I am taking my sweet time re-doing it) but I bought same same bulletin boards and made a memory board out of them.
    Good luck . I hope you find yourself breathing with relief as you have more room in the bathroom! We have the same dilemma here but have 3 bathrooms in the house, the almost 16 year old LIVES in there. Lets just say we have a lot of door banging at our house!

  27. Dana, it is terrific!! I love all the areas you have claimed for her from the jacket/scarf area to the make-up and jewels! It is all very stylish and wonderful!

    I bet she'll have ideas for the cork boards. I'd have the same dilemna..leave them alone...funk them up with papers??

  28. Hi Dana,

    I think the room turned out just great! Even the gold walls are fine...I love jewel tones and it's a bit much when you first paint them on a large surface but they are so very warm and cozy.

    I'm visiting for Three or More Tuesday.

    I'd love for you to drop in for a visit when
    have a free moment.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  29. What a lucky girl! I love the bulletin board idea

  30. I love what you did with the room, especially the space plan. You really maximized it.

  31. It looks like a great room - you really have maximized this space. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  32. Great redo! I am looking forward to doing my daughters room, but a bit scared at the same time!

  33. Great makeover!!! I love what you did with your girl's room and the way you maximized the space. I especially love the narrow mirror attached on the bookshelf. It's really beautiful. :-)

  34. I am featuring you on my blog tonight around 9:30. Thanks again for linking up! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  35. That is a beautiful room!! I just love it! Thanks for linking up!!

  36. This ran while I was traveling, I hadn't seen it yet.


    I LOVE bold color, and yay to your daughter for going the strong route!

    You guys did a brilliant job!

  37. I like her room! I really like that you worked with your daugher every step of the way and made it work for her! I like the entry and the colros you used, great thinking making an vanity area jut for her! looks great

  38. I love your daughter's new room!! I especially like the vanity area! Awesome!! The colors are great too!


  39. What an awesome transformation. Such talent. One suggestion to cover the cork boards is fabric. I actually make magnetic fabric boards which has sold well with the teens and college kids...but you could to the same thing with cork boards. My website is for some examples. Great job!

  40. You really deserve that phone call, cute cute cute! Thanks for sharing!

  41. I also have a teenage kid. Jason, my 17 year- old, loves music. For his birthday he asked for a complete drum set from his dad. His dad, on the other hand, can't say No to his son's wish. Anyway, I have experienced renovating my teenager's room last month. We turned the old guest room to my son's room 'coz it's more spacious. As luck would have it, we just had the (Lakeland) flooring installed a couple of weeks before we started with the renovation. I bought him a nice-looking rug and it was wonderful. I'm happy that my son loves his new bedroom space and his new drum set is perfect at the corner side of the room.

    I have to say, your daughter's room is fabulous! She must be real proud. Kudos!

  42. I'm going to need this in about 10 years. Think you can save your notes...oh hell, want to make a date?

    This is fabulous and ingenious. Kudos!

  43. What an inspiring makeover! I can't wait to incorporate some of the great things you've done with your daughter's room into my daughter's room. She's 13 and transitioning out of that cutesy stage. She's ready for the grown up stuff and thanks to this post, I know where to start!
    Consider your post stumbled! :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  44. Stopped by from Stumbleupon Week #2, loved your post and am your newest follower!


  45. Very creative!! It's fantastic!

  46. That is a beautiful room! My daughter is going to be 15 in December and has been nagging me to death forever to paint her room and redo all of it.
    Feel like coming over to redo it???

  47. Wow - I need to start working on my daughters room now. I am completely inspired! I love the idea at the head board. It is wasted space, but doing something like you did with the shelves is so simple and perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. What a great room. It is so beautiful!

  49. Oh yea, and I forgot to say in the last post, I love those stickers. What a great addition.

  50. Looks Amazing this guys did a great and detailed job

  51. Fantastic room. I like how it proportioned more like a regular room, with the fixtures acting as freestanding furniture pieces.


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