Thursday, September 30, 2010

Become A Supermodel ~ It's Easy!

Yes, I'm an artist.
Yes, of course it's me... 
I've just recently started using an amazing anti-aging cream that defies all odds.

OK, OK, that wasn't really me.
But it was my eldest daughter's image being painted.
And yes that is her above in some Chinese version of Times Square, or is that Japanese?
Oh, I don't know.
She never tells me where she's going these days.
It's starting to get on my nerves.

If you are wondering when she became a Supermodel as well as a muse for many very talented artists;
you might be surprised.
You see?
Her career only just recently took off,  
~in fact~
 It started only last night.

While she was supposed to be doing homework, 
it seems, she instead, found time to pose for several artists and attend a few photoshoots?
Of course I reprimanded her severely.
And then I started to think.  
How was that possible?
How has she been managing her time so well?
And when, for goodness sake, did she fit in a trans continental flight without my knowing?

Wouldn't you know?

She didn't go anywhere.
She was traveling... via the internet.

She sat on our couch and used a super easy site where anyone can download their photos and embed them into these great presets.
Mona Lisa move over!
There's a new girl in town.
That's me sitting on the bench... just in case you were wondering.

If you would like to have fun with this, just click on over to Photo Funia.  
It's a free site where anyone can become a beautiful model, muse or cartoon.  
All it takes is a click of a button.

Becoming A Supermodel has never been so easy!
So go have some fun and grace the cover of your favourite magazine.
I'm holding out for my personal fav, "Old Mom's Who Love Chocolate."
Don't tell anyone, but they've asked me if I would be interested in posing for their premier issue.
But that's just between you and me.
I'm trying to keep it on the down low.

Love ya 
like Cindy Crawford,
no scratch that... I'm feeling a little more Elle McPherson today ; ) with Spanx on.
Oh who am I kidding?... I would never wear Spanx.


Today I will be joining up with Jenny for Alphabe Thursday.
Jenny Matlock  
This weeks letter is B.
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  1. That is so clever will have to pop over wonder if they can be printed off would make a brilliant birthday card. HAve a great week

  2. That is really cool! I don't know a sigle teenage girl that wouldn't love to see herself like that!

  3. Totally cool!
    Heading there right now!
    Enjoy the day

  4. You are too funny!
    Somehow I don't think my 40 yr old self will look as cool as your daughter does in all of her pictures! But, I still want to check it out! :)

  5. The crazy thing is that I really thought it was her, not photoshop because she is that stunning.

  6. Very clever use of Photo Funia. It's surprising how many Apps you can find for their sets. Your daughter is gorgeous.

  7. Your daughter is beautiful . That was fun I saved a bunch of them ha!

  8. That is so cool. I totally thought your daughter was the model. She is gorgeous.

  9. WHY wouldn't anyone wear Spanx! Why hit the gym when a tummy tuck is a minute away!

  10. Very fun. Your girl is so gorgeous she absolutely could be a supermodel!

    Don't tell but Spanx is just a fancy new word for girdle.

  11. LOL...ok, I had to keep reading to figure it all out. I was honestly looking at the first few pictures going, "Oh my gosh! Holy crow!"

    Because it's not even 8 in the morning here and I've only had half-a-cup of coffee.

  12. Very cool...This may be my only chance at ever being "model material".

  13. I did the same with another thing, and I had put my cats faces in ! that was too funny, lol !

    I first thought it was true ! you really got me, lol !

    I am participating for the first time in this meme.

  14. Thank you so much for following me on blogfrog, I make it a habit...maybe I'm just nosey, to check out my follower's blogs, and I am sure glad I did yours! Love it, love your sense of humour...Old Mom's Who Love Chocolate..get me a subscription!

  15. That is so fun! It took me a bit to figure out that she wasn't really modeling! lol

    Can I write for Old Moms Who Love Chocolate? Do they pay in Godiva?

  16. Your eldest is so gorgeous in all of these super model shots!
    This is so neat...thanks for sharing the website!
    Can't wait to be famous!!!

  17. HA HA! Brilliant! Unfortunately, I think it would take more than a little copy and pasting to turn me into a supermodel!

  18. Yeah, well, all said and good and done BUT you still have to look good.

    I mean, a beautiful young girl like this, and it may look possible...but, stick old hag on a broomstick me in there...not so "is she or isn't she?' you know?

    BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy Moly...I have to say it again..

    BEAUTIFUL GIRl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Your daughter, absolutely, could be a model! She's stunning.

    And, sign me up to write for that chocolate magazine also. I have plenty of writing, and tasting, experience.

    Great post that made me smile, as always.

  20. Nothing is safe on the internets.

    Totally swiped and stole this idea for my blog post.

    Gave thanks to you, but will, stole the whole dang thing.

    Thank you for the awesome idea. I even did Baby e. what fun!!!

    Come see...but don't compare, cuz I am no teenage girl!!

    better yet, put your glasses down THEN come see.


  21. Yeow! What fun! I'm on it right now!

  22. Love this app! I have it on my Iphone and it's a great one!

  23. This looks like a blast. I'm heading over once I get my beauty rest. That would be sometime on Sunday at the earliest.

  24. Technology is awesome these days. But can it make me look 115lbs again? Hmmmmmm

  25. OMG - I SO want to do this now! Eek - I have little time as it is, but oh, so tempting!

    Tis great!

    Thanks hon. xxx

  26. How cool! Your daughter is beautiful!

  27. Wow this is so cool! Looks like I'll have to spend heaps of my time here. ;p

  28. Totally fun! And I am anti Spanx as well, having tried them and feeling like a piece of sausage...

  29. How cool! I am going over to check it out!!

  30. This is the coolest! Leave it to kids to come up with sites like these. I might just have to try it!
    P.S. As for The How to Cook Everything Cookbook - it's actually very good - I just got the new & improved model! You know the gig - "Updated with over 400 new recipes!" Most of which I won't every try, but I do highly recommend the book!

  31. Coolest thing evah!!

    And she's gorgeous. I fully believed that she was up in the Chinese Times Square. It seemed fittin'.

  32. What fun!
    Your daughter should be a model - she's lovely!

  33. your daughter is beautiful! i totally thought she was really in the time square looking picture!

  34. How fun is that?!
    Your daughter is beautiful btw : )

  35. Oh, I love, love, love this. Although if that's you sitting on the bench, girl, you don't need any special effects to look like a super model!

    What a fun link. I'm going to go check it out and become all kinds of glamorous!

    Thanks for the cool link to Alphabe-Thursday!


  36. What a cool site! She really does look like she could be a super model.

  37. that is sooo cool!!
    what a great way to travel the world.
    i NEED to try it.
    thanks for visiting, so very lovely to meet you Dana.

  38. What a fun post...and a really cool site!


  39. Looooove this! And loving your blog! Found you thanks to the Empress over at Good Day Regular People. Excited to read around more :)


  40. Great app...this is are a beauty...bkm

  41. First of all she is BEAUTIFUL in her own right...but also what a fun site! So cool. thanks for sharing.

  42. She's gorgeous! And I think that is in China and this post is just hilarious. Love it! :D

  43. She IS that beautiful!
    Very convincing pics...I was believing it until half-way down!
    Either way, great back-up plan for her.
    : )

  44. Dear Dana's Daughter:

    Please ask your mom her op. on arranged marriages.

    Thank you, signed, mother of 15 yr old boy.


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