Monday, March 25, 2013

I Saw A Change In My Daughter

The day wasn't going so well.
A misunderstanding meant Eldest missed out on seeing friends perform.
It wasn't anyone's fault, but still very disappointing.

It was a Saturday afternoon 
and our nice spring weather had turned once again to winter.
When a few tears of frustration fell I told her for some reason it was meant to be.

What she was most upset about however, 
was going to all the trouble of looking nice, with now, 
no where to go except the dining room table to meet up with her homework.

I decided then, that despite the blizzardy weather, it was time to pull out my camera.
She looked so darn cute I told her we could at least do a photo shoot.
Something we hadn't done in a long while.

While the snow was too bright for her to look up for any length of time.
I loved the shots we got.
Eldest always makes taking beautiful photos easy.

Pictures always make the passing of time much clearer for me.
And when I looked at these I saw a change in my daughter.
She is saying goodbye to her younger self.

I see the adult she is becoming and I am so proud to be her mother.

And yet at the same time I can still see my little girl within.

It's the best of both worlds.
And I realize this is how it was meant to be.

I had always feared that growing up was about saying goodbye to my children,
but instead I've realized... it is about saying a continuing hello.

Can't wait for the years to come Eldest.
Love you.


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  1. Gorgeous photos. Your daughter is beautiful.

    My girls hate getting their pictures taken :(

  2. OH how beautiful! I can't believe how much she has changed since I started following your blog... has it been over 3 years already? she grows more beautiful each and every year! And yes she is definitely growing up before our very eyes... how is that possible?

  3. Really nice. I love how she does still look like a little girl in the final picture.

  4. Oh, my, tears here as I read your introspective words, viewed these images of your beautiful daughter. With two daughters, ages 25 and 27, I totally get this. These adult years are equally as fabulous. And now I am embarking on another stage in this journey of parenting as my eldest just became engaged.

  5. Sue at Naperville NowMarch 25, 2013

    a beautiful post, once again. that twirly shot...well, all of them, really. you are a wonderful Mom and a really good photographer.

  6. Beautiful pictures!!

    Kids grow up so fast and it's so easy to see them as the little ones that they used to be even as they turn into adults.

  7. She is beautiful Dana!

    Gosh, growing up is so hard. All those big feelings and emotions.

    I love how you captured them.

    And how you turned that moment into a precious time instead of a tearful one!

  8. "I had always feared that growing up was about saying goodbye to my children,
    but instead I've realized... it is about saying a continuing hello." love. this.

  9. She is really beautiful. They do grow too fast! But at the same time I love that they get to know me better as they grow and I love watching them grow into themselves.

  10. Loved this post.
    Made me cry, in fact.


  11. I remember when I noticed that change in all my kids including the boy. Beautiful post!

  12. You take such beautiful photos! Your photos need no captions, they speak for themselves:) She is gorgeous!

  13. Before I even read the words at the end, I thought she still looked like your little girl in the last photo. Seems like I'm always doing that with Boyd....I capture a picture and see him as little still, and I love it. But, I also love the changes as they grow.

    She is such a BEAUTY! Love love love these photos.

  14. I think that this is wonderful because most parents are afraid that once their children start growing up it means goodbye. I think this is a wonderful take and you are right it is always saying hello.

  15. went back to my old blog today, and am revisiting the blog roll. Yours is the first I clicked, and oh my. That last bit, of continuing to say hello.... Mine's only 11, but I have those very same feelings. It's good to 'visit' again, and see that you're still putting out beautiful stuff. -Kirsten

  16. Dana this is beautiful. Wow. Really hit home with me today! I follow you on IG but wondered if you will be coming back to blogging? I know it is so hard to balance it all. I have always appreciated your perspective and enjoy your photography! hugs, cathy

  17. I'm very late to the party, but I'm glad I didn't miss seeing these lovely photos of your daughter.


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