Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm A Cool Mom....

What I Wear Speaks For Itself
For some strange reason I had an epiphany in the kitchen, and it had nothing to do with preparing food. I realized as I was washing down the microwave, contemplating my shopping the day before (at Sears), that I have sunk into a deep dark and unending pit of mom clothes.

I want to be a cool in the worst way (I admit it, nothing has really changed since Junior High).  Out of the blue the thought "Cool moms must wear Converse!" came to me, and why not?  My fourteen year old has a pair in the closet.  We wear the same size.   I could pull it off couldn't I?  I could look like this...

(Except that I would have four of her legs, but I digress).

Or...would I look like a nerdy and embarrassing forty something mom trying to relive my youth?   I realized I probably needed to ask my 14, 10 and 7 year old fashionista daughters before I made any drastic internet purchases.

I am "with it" enough to realize there is definitely a fine line between "Cool" and trying too hard.   So while looking for the perfect pair of Converse runners, I came across this T-shirt. While I felt it spoke to me, I knew better than to trust my inner fashion voice and realized that the T-shirt below which can be found at  might be crossing that line.

Unfortunately I've never been one for subtleties.
-photo from website-
Perhaps this one is a little too grunge.  I wouldn't be able to pull it off without having to first consider a new hairdo which would likely involve washing my hair only once every four months or so... I'm guessing "dread locks" just wouldn't help me in attaining my "cool mom" quest.   Not to mention The Agronomist would leave me.

But after perusing a bit further there were a few other options that I think just might be the ticket. With a little less granola and more big city finesse, I'll never have to wonder if I'm a "cool mom" ever again.  I would wear this (click here),  with a pair of Ms. Aniston's grey Converse above, and enjoy the understated look of a "cool" mom, who just happens to wear the proclamation across her chest with pride.

I'm not insecure....not at all.

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  1. Just wait for your Christmas present, I was chanelling Ms. Aniston when I got it for you!

  2. I think you could totally pull it off!


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