Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cups of Coffee

This Is A Love Story 

The Agronomist and I fell in love over many... many cups of coffee, many.... many years ago.

In those days of early young love, it just didn't matter what type or grind of coffee we drank, as long as we had each other ...

to help pass the sugar.

To this day we still agree that a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to start the day, but with marriage comes some compromises. The Agronomist loves the dark (heavy tar-like) roast of Starbucks.  While I on the other hand prefer a less stringent note to my morning brew.

And the Agronomist, being the gentleman that he is, has always allowed our home to brew a bean that is less expensive strong, and I love him for it.  But as Christmas was drawing nearer, I saw the look of longing in his eyes every time we walked past the basket of Starbucks Christmas blend.  He would pick it up, sniff it a bit, then put it back.

I knew this was one of those times when my actions would speak louder than my words.  Honey Bunny just wouldn't cut it anymore. ( I actually don't call him that, I really only call him Stud, but I figured that kind of information would make The Agronomist feel uncomfortable, so I'll stick with my white lie and no one will be the wiser.) 

So I bought a small bag of Starbucks Christmas blend beans and popped a festive bow on what would appear to be, a bag of Solid Gold.

But never mind about that.

You can't put a price on love.

And waited until The Agronomist went to bed...

As with most love story's though, there was one small complication...

I always seem to give with strings attached...

But you know what?  The Agronomist loves me anyway... coffee breath and all.

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  1. so cute! My favourite post so far...
    your eldest daughter.

  2. Oh my - how sweet are you??? Love this story.

  3. Rob and I had many many coffee dates too when we first got together. Draven cried when we used the coffee grinder until he was 2! (your neighbour Leanne)


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