Friday, December 18, 2009

You say Biscotti, and I say Krispiescotti...

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas break.

I bought these beautiful boxes two years ago, thinking I would fill them with delicious homemade Biscotti to give to my children's teachers.

I love Biscotti.

I have never made Biscotti.

Did I mention tomorrow is the last day of school?

If these boxes appear to be cavernous, you are not mistaken, they are.

Did I mention tomorrow is the last day?

Did I mention my Girls have eleven teachers between them?

That would mean eleven cavernous boxes to fill.

Did I happen to also mention that Biscotti needs to be baked slowly on low heat......twice?

I do know, I have not mentioned,  this before;  I happen to be a mathematical wizard.  It's true.

Follow closely...large cavernous boxes + double slow baked cookies = not enough time.

I needed a good stand by, something that was foolproof...but what?

Hmmm?  It doesn't quite have the same, Je ne sais quoi, as Biscotti...

But what is a girl to do?

Did I mention what day it was tomorrow?

Besides, with a little  Bungalow'56  know how I could still have my Biscotti.... sort of.

But just in case anyone asks... We call it Rice Krispiescotti.

I'm just playing with you.  Of course I didn't just send Rice Krispie squares.

We also included some very delicious Gingersnacotti's.

But be forewarned, I'm already dreaming of the Bungalow'56 Biscotti I will be baking next year.

It will be very, Very,  upscale... as is customary here at B'56!

Now if you'll excuse me... I need to go lick the bowl.

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  1. so sorry about everything that happened, but it turned out really well! waita persevere.

  2. You would probably have had a lawsuit on your hands once a teacher cracked a crown on your double baked biscotti. Not everyone likes those dog biscuits, oops, I mean biscotti you know! Stick with the 'rizcotti' or whatever you're calling them - it all looked great! M

  3. I have never made biscotti either. I make Rice Krispie treats all the time. Here is a trick my mom does: when melting the butter, add a spoonful or two of peanut butter. Then, at the end when you are mixing in the Rice Krispies, add some chocolate chips.
    Oh, it is divine! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Ya' just gotta' soak them up with some nice hot cappuccino then Mmmmmm. Now if this old Ozarks farm chick tried to eat one dry, I'd probably break every blessed crown in my expensive little mouth. I loved your take on Rice Krispiescotti. Heeeheehe! So glad I popped over for a visit.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day as we say down here in the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!


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