Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Someone's Birthday. . .

I promised myself that I would show Christmas Restraint this year.  But as I pass other houses and the girls and I are oohing and aahing over how wonderful this or that house looks,  it is easy to start thinking along the lines that a blow up nylon Snowman would be a beautiful addition to our front lawn and possibly even a necessity for Christmas happiness. I mean just look at them, they would make me so happy. I mean, "the girls" would be so happy.

As much as I feel nostalgia and appreciate the kid friendliness of our Christmas tree, I've struggled with my desire to give it a new color scheme for a few Christmas's now.  It's been such a good little tree to us, for so many years... how could I let the little guy dress up in yet the same outfit for another year in a row? See how I get? Personification 3D!

We have got to stop driving around and longing for the round happy snowmen,  cuddly reindeers, and Jolly happy Santa's, it's affecting me. It's not good.

Just today I considered buying Red Reindeer plates to place on top of my everyday white ones.  I just  knew it would have made my plates sooo happy!

But I made a promise to myself, that this year I would use what I had, I would not be buying anything new for Christmas.  I would be strong.  A "Brand New Shiny"Christmas would have to wait outside Bungalow'56's door; chips on Santa's plate, and all.

But today?  Today I faltered.  I just needed something, anything, to bring new life to our tired Christmas.  I reasoned that there was one thing Christmas needed.  OK, maybe two.

You see, in two short days we were going to be celebrating a very important birthday.  Every year we bake a cake, and every year we sing the traditional birthday song.  Baby Jesus gets the full Birthday treatment.  Or does he?  I realized something was missing.

You see at Bungalow'56 a birthday does not see the light of day without the dining room being swathed in streamers,

and bedecked with balloons.

When I mentioned this to the girls, we all concurred that this was, in fact, a necessity.  We bought the ballooons and knew the white, green, and red streamers would be the Christmas lift our house needed.

Now, I think it's important to mention here, that a certain little table cloth, which included the colors of the balloons just happened to have caught my eye a few weeks back.  It just didn't feel right to leave the table out of the festivities.

I didn't want it to feel left out.  (see what I do there?)

All is right with the world now.  With the balloons and streamers and a few candy canes thrown in for good measure, The festivities at Bungalow'56 are definitely in full swing.

The most important question that must be answered today, is. . . what kind of Birthday Cake should we bake baby Jesus?  Because I'm sensing that this Santa plate is feeling a little lonely. . .

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Fabulous idea, fabulously executed!

  2. I LOVE that table'cloth'! Can you buy me one? I will give you the money, I promise....

  3. I'm sure there are some left at your friendly Great Canadian Superstore! I asked them to save you one.

  4. Jasmine V said...
    Hello Dana!

    Jasmine here, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful card. That was really made my day! Anyways thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas!


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