Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Wise Men Are Here, The Wise Men Are Here!

I love January 6th.  Today the Wise Men made it.  They must have been so darn pooped and tuckered out.  I heard it was a really long trip, without air conditioning, bless their souls.

I can relate to these guys. . . they came late. . . but had really good intentions.

I mean, it couldn't have been easy trying to follow a star.

I imagine them trying to reach their destination in the dark.  I figure they were likely arguing over whether to take a right or a left.

. . . But wait a second, their wives weren't with them, so they probably weren't arguing.

. . . But wait a second, their wives weren't with them, so they probably didn't ask for directions.

No wonder they showed up late.


Wise Men to be exact.

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  1. "It's late, I should be making lunches, instead I was looking at your blog and facebook. Since I can't leave a comment there I'll comment here. Really enjoying the photo picks, just realized it was there today. Keep up the good work!"

  2. Thanks Sis! I'm up too, finishing up some laundry. Checking the computer in between. I hope it's not too hard to figure out the Project 365 button?

  3. Love it! Thanks for your wit... have a good one.

  4. Oh, I love your chubby little wise men. They're cute enough that being late really isn't relevant. They would go with my chunky little nativity set!

    Have a great day and God bless!!!


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