Thursday, January 07, 2010

Girl's Night Out

The Agronomist has been away for several days.  And in order to make his absence, which the girls really feel, a little less difficult, it is our tradition to go for a "Girl's Night Out".

. . . Unless, of course you count Grandpa, who, has to bring Grandma, and. . . well. . . it would just be rude of us to ask him to leave.

We poured over the menu, and studied the various condiments.

It is usually a very "Tres Chic" Affair.

You see, my children are an adventurous group, with a palate I have tried to cultivate and entertain from across the continents.

And it shows.

Tonight they chose to dine. . .
in Italy.

PS Thanks Grandpa!

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  1. MMMMmmmm. Italy, huh? Looks delish and I hope ya'll had a fun night out!

    Have a great day and may God bless ya'll!!!


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