Monday, February 22, 2010

101 Hints On How To Get Absolutely Nothing Done

No.1:  Fall Asleep With Your Children

Mom can you rub my back?  I can't fall asleep.  I miss Daddy.

Sure honey, but just for a few minutes.  I have a lot to do... I need to finish tidying the kitchen and there's laundry to fold, there's that cup of tea I've been planning to sip and I want to pluck my eyebrows and possibly clip my toenails.  I have an exciting evening planned.

Plus I have a blog post I promised to write and everyone is going to be checking it in the morning.

So Mommy is not sleeping with you tonight.  You need to go to sleep by yourself. OK?  Daddy will be home tomorrow.

OK mommy, I just want a little back rub.

Alright, just five minutes, that's all...

OK mommy.



ZZZZzzzzzz shnog zz zzshnurg Zzzznurf zzzzzz. 

Note To Self:

Must STOP falling asleep in children's bed.

It's not a productive way to spend the evening.

(sheesh... no wonder my eyebrows and toenails always look so neanderthal.)


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  1. Wonderful blog! My hubs falls asleep with my boys all the time, it is so darn cute, but he says the same thing. "I never get anything done!"

  2. I know but someday you'll want to sleep in bed with them and they'll be gone. Great photo!! It's noon and I'm still in my pajamas...nothings gettin done today on this cold rainy day. I'm embracing it!


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