Monday, February 22, 2010

The Renovation Saga -Part Two- ... Almost.

I so, so, wanted to be finished my next installment of "The Renovation Saga of Bungalow'56"... and I'm almost there.

So..if you need a little help in figuring out the connection between the Converse shoes , and the next installment of the Renovation saga?  You would find it in the "almost" part of the above sentence.

You see I'm getting too old to stay up late.  Plus my kids blame the blog if I'm really grumpy, and The Agronomist gives me "The Look."  Don't worry I've got "The Agronomist's Look" blog in the works too.

sooo... enjoy the shoe.  

It's the best I could do.

The Saga is on it's way.

Perhaps, fingers crossed, later today?

It will be worth the wait.  


Depending on who you are, what kind of demographic you're from, if you have kids, if you like the colors I like, if you have a british accent or if you were in a rush, because, then... probably not.  

Especially if you were in a rush, and, you were also impatient.  Then it probably wouldn't be worth the wait.  

Nothing would be worth the wait. 

Not even Bungalow'56's Renovation Saga -Part Two-.  

See you then, nice chatting.  

And since the rest of you are the patient sort and you're already here,  I've decided to create this avant garde? weird? Pop? Tri- photo journal of my daughter's converse runners.  

It all flows smoothly here at Bungalow'56, kind of like a melted sundae in July! (I'm not even going to re-read what I just wrote there, because I would be forced to erase it, and like I said...Old + Grumpy = The Look. 




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  1. I love the Converse pics and I can't wait to read your next post.

  2. I can't wait to see part 2 of the renovations. Are you experimenting with HDR pictures? I just learned about it last week at my photo class. I would love to know what you think about it

  3. Hi Imene,
    I had to google HDR pictures...that's how little I know : ) I have a Mac with iphoto built in, and I just played with the adjust buttons until I figured the pictures looked kind of cool. I got my SLR Rebel Canon a year and a half ago and I would be what you call an accidental photographer. I am learning tonnes with all of the picture taking I'm doing for my 365 project though. As for my Bissel, it's my 2nd. I use it for spot cleaning on everything, from carpets to upholstery and for good cleaning for our vehicles too. It is a little finicky to get clean which is best done after every use, but it has saved us loads of money instead of having things done professionally.
    Happy Monday,

  4. Dana -great blog! I love the photos - I can't wait to read more.... :)

  5. Hangin' around 'till we get part two of the renovations! Heeeheehe!

    God bless and have a glorious week!!!


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