Friday, February 12, 2010

A Big Valentine Mistake!

I am currently having a wee little pity party.  After writing a post to help you get into the Valentine's Spirit... my automatic save feature kicked in just after I had made a huge blooper and erased the post along with the photos.

This has happened before, and I have been warned by my technical support to save it in a word document.  But I decided I was smarter now and always learn from my mistakes, and with a bit of blogger attitude I ignored this wise advise and figured I was fast enough.  And as soon as I saw that I'd erased something, I would be like Lighting McQueen and have my undo button hit before you could say Jiminy Cricket, or my personal favourite. . . Holy Moly!

But the planets were not aligned for me this morning and my mistake occurred mere seconds before the automatic save took it all away.

Luckily for me I have wonderful technical support.

Unfortunately for me, she is only 14 years old and the government insists that she attend school, instead of staying at home to help her mother with these computer glitches.  In the meantime, here is a pretty picture for you to gaze at while I figure out what to do...

So i've decided that if you feel like a return visit, my original Valentine post will be back up, some time after 5:30 pm today.  She has this sneaky image capture thingy that I haven't quite mastered up her sleeve. Usually I am making supper, or doing laundry (or sneaking cookies) when she figures these things out, and I miss the eureka moment.  But I will get there, oh yes I will.

This computer will be at my beck and call.  I will be the master of my blog domain.

So until then here are a few great ideas that you might feel like trying this weekend to celebrate the upcoming day of LOVE!

Here you can find the simple instructions for this easy Valentine version of the paper chain from the blog A Little Great.

. . . and here is a very cool Valentine version of Rice Krispie squares found at A Pretty Cool Life. 

Don't they look delish?  (Just her beautiful photos alone are worth a quick peek)

I will be back! With my blog post under my arm, whistling all the way to the computer... even though my whistling drives the Agronomist a little loopy;  "too shrill" is the criticism.

But I've been practicing.  And I have a special Luurve Song I will be whistling for him on Sunday.

I'm all about improvement man... becoming the best ME I can BE.

It will be my own version of Messy Perfection : )

Has anyone ever lost something that they couldn't retrieve?  Hope you enjoyed my "Let's make lemons out of lemonade" post.

I'm feeling the love!

xo  Dana
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  1. Yep, but luckily this chick's grown son is a computer geek and could retrieve everything after the computer totally crashed. Egad, the boys a genius and even retrieved a business records after the darn place burned to the ground. Yep, it's obvious he gets his brains from this mama! heeeheehe!!!

    Ya'll have a wonderful day and a fun Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Thanks Nezzy, always enjoy your comments.

    This is why we have children ; )

  3. Oh no! I hope your 'tech support' person can get it back for you! I liked your post even if it wasn't what you had in mind - you made me laugh, as always!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes yesterday!

  4. Thanks for the link to the Valentine's chain. I'm glad you liked it.


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