Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Preparations

Here at Bungalow'56 we love Valentine's Day. Well, in a house of four women and one Agronomist,   at least 4/5th's of us love Valentine's.  We assure him that the holiday was made for us, you see Pink is our color.  Everyone was so excited we started preparing for Valentine's day a little early this year.

A favourite treat for the girls are these special Meringue Kisses which I decided would be OK to buy since it was St.Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately we were forced to immediately eat the yellow meringue's so that the color selection was more appropriate for the holiday.

It was our duty.  

We had to in the name of St.Valentine himself.

My youngest found some cards she liked and had them addressed and signed in her backpack for most of the week.

My ten year old decided to make her own.  They were a time intensive endeavor, but the final result was well worth it.

The little pin pricks took patience and...pins.  Three of which I found stuck in the living room rug on three separate occasions.  Bungalow'56 is a dangerous Valentine centre of crafting activity, it was difficult. . .but the Agronomist persevered.

After looking at all the Valentine beauty, it was at this point I said something that I knew I might regret.  Why I'm not sure?  I guess I got caught up in the moment.

It went something like this...

"and Mommy can help you make shaped sugar cookies to give with your Valentine's, and we can decorate them with icing and sprinkles.  So...How many students do you all have in your classes?

Fast foward to Thursday night, the night before the school Valentine celebrations took place.

After The Agronomist took THREE separate trips to the grocery store for extra sprinkles, icing sugar and of course more butter. He was able to shop undetected by frequenting three different venues.  There is nothing he won't do for his sugar cookies girls!  He's just that kind of guy.

8 dozen cookies and two bottles of sprinkles later I was wishing I could have bought some boxed Smarties like a Smartie mom would.  A mom who actually gets to bed on time, and who doesn't gain ten pounds from licking the frosting from her fingers.  Now that mom is a wise mom.

Well, let's get back to a messy evening of marathon sugar cookie making. It was a wonderful recipe I will be sure to share with you.

Eggs were involved.
We let the men go first.  It wasn't easy.

However, the women were very stoic.  Personally I think they were happy to give themselves up the greater good.

There was a little bit of this and A LOT of that

It was a highly efficient operation.

and the quality control was outstanding!

And the final result was a sprinkled experience of heartfelt delight!

The recipe for these amazing sugar cookies can be found HERE courtesy of All

(I am a firm believer in not re-inventing the wheel)

Have a wonderful St.Valentine's Day from Bungalow'56! 
And enjoy those Olympics!

We Heart You!

xo  Dana

Go Canada Go!

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  1. Just a quick note to verify that the beautiful appearance of those Valentine cookies was not deceiving...they tasted just as good as they looked.....I happened to be lucky enough to be a substitute teacher in a classroom where these amazing creations were distributed. Thanks to the creative and generous cooks at Bungalow '56! Thanks also to the Agronomist for the great popcorn!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  2. This post made me chuckle, as that is exactly what I do, everything the hard way! I got the great idea from the "Family Fun" magazine to make flower cut outs and stick a Tootsie Pop in the middle as Valentines. Sooooooo, after 2 hours of cutting out darn flowers (thankfully with my Cricut machine) and leaves, we were done. It would have be much cheaper (and much faster) to go the boxed Valentine way. But how lame-o is that??!!!


  3. Love the cookies and the cards, so cute! I'm still dragging around in my p.j's because I know that my girls have plans for me today involving lots of projects for tomorrow, lol.

  4. Next year, I think you should invite us all to your house for Valentine's Day. It looks like a lot more fun than MY house--for certain!

    We're enjoying watching the Olympics on t.v. You Canadians have done a great job preparing for them. And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! How proud you all must feel!


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