Sunday, February 07, 2010

Four Deer Stopped By For Tea

Wildlife Alert!
Today we saw deer. We did not even have to move from our couch.
That is, unless we wanted a clearer view.

You can hear the Paparazzi in the background,
so I didn't even have to let go of my coffee to take a picture.
If I were still drinking coffee, that is.

Now for an Attention Deficit moment brought to you by Bungalow'56:

How I miss my coffee.
But thanks to my Organized Sister, I have found a worthy (enough) replacement.
My 15$ indulgence. 15 tea bags, per box.
That's right folks.
A dollar a tea bag.
You might think,
What? She's crazy. Frugal my foot!
But let me tell you: you have not lived until you have tasted this stuff.
It's heaven.
And it's all mine.
Mine, I tell you.

I think that's what the deer were after. They could smell its aroma, and they were drawn to it.

You'll have to wait until Monday to learn more details.
I need to buy up all the stock in town before the deer get back to their homies and start talking.
Once the word gets out. . . I'm sure the moose and bears will be buying.

And those line-ups are just not something I want to deal with.



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  1. You must tell me the name of that tea. Now that tea is going to be one of my only vices, I want the best!


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