Friday, February 05, 2010

Frida Kahlo Would Have Loved Tux Paint!

I love meeting new people. Especially people who smile at me through the blogosphere. I am particularly honoured when I see a new face show up on my Friends Connect Google Bar. So. . . Yesterday when I saw Lana's great smile, I decided to return the visit.

And, am I ever glad I did. It was refreshing to meet someone who openly admits that she has Lost Her Mind. You can check out her blog for yourself by clicking here. What I found out about Lana, besides the fact that she owns more lipsticks and lip glosses than Amelda Marcos did shoes, was that she is a very generous soul, and loves to share with others. Fortunately for you and I, it was not her used lipstick cache. It was waaay better, with a more varied color palette!

Lana doesn't know it, but she has made my youngest daughter very very happy. She has been home, sick for most of the week. She has baked with her sister, listened to books on CD, listened to mom read books, watched DVD's, worked on puzzles. We had done it all and the "What can I do now?" question was starting to wear thin.

OK, so maybe this has more to do with, it made mom very very happy, but that is besides the point. The reason for my our recent happiness is, we discovered we had been missing something in our lives. . . and Lana has helped fill that void!

Don't you love it when you realize you have the answer to a question you hadn't even thought to ask, and now your world is so much richer for it?

I know I'm coming on a little thick here, but let me tell you. . . when you are on day four of having a cranky, cough-y, sick, seven year old, hang out at home, you are very thankful for any diversion.

She is a child who has not not only been sick, but has also been terribly disappointed and upset because she has been missing Spirit Week at school. It has consisted, thus far, of duct taping the principal to the wall (try competing with that), a break the rules day, and an outdoor Bonhomme Carnival. As you can imagine I have been needing some pretty big tricks up my sleeve, and unfortunately my sleeve had been . . . emptied. Until yesterday.

We have a Mac. We bought it almost a year ago and have never looked back. We love everything about it except for the fact that it did not have a program equivalent to Paint. It was the only thing that we missed from our old PC. As time went by it was forgotten, that is, until yesterday, when I made my friendly visit to Lana.

There, a few posts down I found her recommendation for a FREE download called Tux Paint which I've linked HERE for you. It is a super duper Paint program, with stamps and possiblities that are only limited by one's imagination.

My girls are once again on track to becoming the next Frida Kahlo, except without the unibrow. Not that there is anything wrong with one. I would never want to offend any of my lovely readers, and if a unibrow is your choice then by all means flaunt it like Frida.

I am all for equal opportunity. AND that is why I felt I should share this wonderful Free program with you today. This world needs as many artists as possible. Although to be truly honest with you, I know as a patron of the arts, I will also be providing my future Picasso's with some tweezers.

And speaking of great "Free" art, ... why not hop over to The Little Red Chair blog which has a great giveaway on right now. The prints are fun and colourful and the giveaway ends Saturday, February 6th at 11pm EST. Good Luck to Everyone!

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  1. Aww, I hope your daughter feels better soon. I'm glad she likes the tux paint. My kids love it, especially my four year old. She found that you can click on something so that it will make noises and now she is constantly playing on it loudly, lol.


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