Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful for:
:: Children who allow their mother to take pictures of them.

:: Kid's who sometimes drive me crazy on road trips singing Veggie Tale songs.
:: And for The Agronomist who always gets us there safely.

:: Finding a little ski hill an hour and a half away that was perfect for learning how to fall ski.

:: My little green machine and H2O steamer.  They make my life easier.

:: That my girls enjoy playing sports, and especially for the coaches who give up their time on weekends.

:: Younger siblings who patiently attend older siblings sporting events, (and sometimes even fall asleep.)

:: Cousins to visit and play with.

:: Friends who leave lovely kind comments.
:: The Inspirational Olympic stories "The Difference Makers" hosted by Rick Hansen.
:: How fortunate we are to live in Canada, and live with "plentifulness" every single day.
:: The surgeon and hospital staff who took great care of my Dad.

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  1. christine btFebruary 21, 2010

    I am thankful for your blog Dana, becasue it is a nice place to park my coffee and self in front of for a few minutes before I head out to whatever whirlwind I am doing that day. It is *almost* as good as sitting at the kitchen table chatting with you. Almost. So thanks. I wanted you to know that it is part of my day, everyday :)

  2. Lovely list of gratitudes ;o)
    How do you like your steamer, I was thinking of getting one and wasn;t sure it was not gonna be one more useless gizmo


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