Thursday, March 25, 2010

His Name Was Schneiders: A Confession

I have a terrible secret that I feel I need to share.
A secret I am keeping from The Agronomist.
He has been away for three days, and things are never the same at Bungalow'56 when he is MIA.

Edges blur, lines are crossed,
Groceries are bought.
The usual grub is stored at the back of the freezer.
Hearty meals are put aside in lieu of lighter fare.

My confession?

I have not cooked in three days.
Snacking has been encouraged and hot dogs have become a staple.

Oh the versatility of the hot dog, let me count the ways...

The first night I succumbed,  and I turned on the stove.
We ate the hot dogs as they were meant to be eaten, placed gently in a whole wheat bun with ketchup and mustard.  (don't worry, raw carrots were involved)

The second night we celebrated our boy free world with a meal at Wendy's (don't worry, oranges were involved, and fries were not)

And tonight we elevated the hot dog to a whole different level... to the coveted "Balogna" status.
The hot dog buns became a sub and the evening meal was a hit. (don't worry, a pickle was involved)

It pains me to confess, but I must.
I have entertained another, during The Agronomist's absence.

And his name... was Schneiders.

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  1. this is funny Dana! When my husband travels (which is frequently) many nights it's cereal or omelettes. Enjoy not cooking!

  2. oh! i never cook when my husband is away. and he's away two to three nights per week! we eat lots of beans (from a can), pancakes, quesadillas, and *gasp* cereal. no carrots.

  3. When my husband is gone, we delight in cooking free days and perhaps popcorn for dinner.

  4. I'm pretty sure my husband would love if he came home & that was what for dinner. He & the kids--I mean hot dogs converted to delicious subs, how could you not love it?

  5. Oh Dana, your posts never fail to make me smile! Growing up, our meals were always so different when my Dad was out of town. I think my Mom probably enjoyed the break!

  6. Cocoa Krispies for dinner!!

  7. Love it, Dana! I am the same way, I either make totally awesome vegetarian dishes that I have wanted to try (hubs is 100% a meat and potatoes fella) or we order takeout. I figure if he can eat at fancy shmancy restaurants when he's away, we should be able to indulge a bit!!


  8. there is nothing wrong with cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... is there? maybe a frozen waffle for something warm... ha ha! I love no cooking weeks!! sad they don't happen all that often... funny to hear other moms say the same... hubby is gone... no hot cooked meals... what would we be like without them at all?!! ha ha!

  9. When the man's away, the ladies will play! Hotdogs sound a-okay with me for dinner every night! :)

  10. Thanks for the smile! When Tony is out of town...I consider it night off from the kitchen...the kids love it, too! Seems like we all think the same :)

  11. hahhaha! This is too adorable! I am the same way during a certain time of month. I HATE cooking during that time and want others to do the work with no mess.

  12. I just discovered your blog. Love your little stories!

    I really dread figuring out what to make for dinner every night...but now I have a new meal plan thanks to you. Hot dogs this weekend!

  13. I know when my hubby is gone I just go in and out of the kitchen the whole time. Usually a candy is bought and consumed in his absence so he's none the wiser! :)

  14. I cook as little as possible. Hot dogs are done fairly often around here. :)

  15. I never cook when my husband is gone! Makes it easier to get my kids to comply with me if there is a promise of a Happy Meal toy! New follower here! Found you from Spilled Milk. Glad to find you, you have a great blog!


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