Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Day Of... Spring?

I am always so excited when the first day of spring finally arrives.

Where we live, the winter is often relentless, in fact I blogged about the cold this past December, when for a full week, temperatures dropped to -40 degrees celsius. The snow always arrives just in time for the kids to trick or treat, and just to be cordial, sticks around for them to search for Easter eggs. 

So as you can imagine, the first day of spring is something to be truly celebrated!
So how do I know spring has arrived?  It says so right there on my calendar.  

First day of Spring

I look out my window to make sure, and then I check the calendar...or is that, I look at my calendar to make sure and check out my window?  

Either way, it just seems as though something isn't quite right.

The birds weren't singing any Spring ditty's, so it made me wonder, who exactly decided this was the First day of Spring?  

The one thing I do know for certain... they were not from northern Canada.

Because quite honestly I think it is a cruel, cruel  joke.  

I looked everywhere in our backyard, for a hint of Spring. 

But all I found were the remnants of our summer swing,  dangling in the wind.

I realize somewhere out there some of you are planting bulbs, and perhaps enjoying the first blossoms on your apple trees.

But really?  Would it hurt anyone if you could enjoy these indications of warmth without the official day having to be announced on my Calendar?  

It just seems...well....a tad cruel.
You see, I'm not bitter.

I'm just cold.
For those of us who experience a different reality, is it really necessary for the Calendar aficionados to rub our noses in it? (Achoo!)

I mean, we get it.  It's warm somewhere.  Just not here. (Could you pass the Hot Chocolate?)

So since I was not fortunate enough to be born in Hawaii, I've decided today, after years of wallowing in an annual woe is me (March/April) winter funk, I am going to look at the glass half full of antifreeze

 I need to take a page out of my daughter's book, and learn to bloom where I am planted.  

Could anyone have been more excited over the new dump of snow?  

So enough self indulgent belly aching!  Instead of complaining about not being able to participate in the Calendar-ly spring announcement. 

I've decided I need to turn over a new leaf covered with snow, so to speak. 

To follow my daughter's lead I realized I needed to make a Lemonade out of Lemons gesture;  
rather than grudgingly shovel the snow, I decided my time would be better spent making snow angels out of it instead.

Regardless of what the Calendar says.

Happy First Day of SPRING! 
(does anyone know where my snow pants are?)


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  1. Dana -

    We got 6.75inches of snow over the weekend, too. And I'm learning March is always a bummer for me, too. I see photogs out there shoot blooms and shoots and I am just itches for warmth!

    I send my empathy!

  2. We too had more snow over night... Yeaterday I could see the street and today I'm wearing my boots again. Sigh. Spring, huh.

  3. I'm down here in MASS. and I think we're going to get a bit of snow too...cruel after a weekend of 70 degrees and sunshine. I know better than to put the winter boots away yet! Great photos Dana!

  4. March is such a tease. . it feels like Spring one day and the next it's snowing! I was in Chicago for the weekend and it snowed all day on Saturday! Hope the warmer weather is coming your way.

  5. After moving back from Hawaii this fall, I've had a bit of a hard time taking what you'd written to heart. I indeed need to 'bloom where I'm planted.' There is beauty all around and I'm often affected with the grass is greener ailment, which would follow me no matter where I go. That's my challenge - to really enjoy where I am, and think positively!

  6. Great advice! I always get into a winter funk but going through winter really makes me appreciate spring so much more! Hope warm weater heads your way soon!

  7. I remember my Colorado living days when we would have a good "welcome to spring" dump of snow. I miss it a little. The silent sound of snowfall. We don't have that now. Come and thaw out here. A little spring warm up vacation. :)

  8. I'm down here in MASS. and I think we're going to get a bit of snow too...cruel after a weekend of 70 degrees and sunshine. I know better than to put the winter boots away yet! Great photos Dana!

  9. I'm sayin'!!! Here I am livin' it up in southern Missouri where the sunny temps were in the low 70's Friday, Cold nasty rain Saturday changin' over to snow and ice I'm thinkin' this is how we welcome spring in the Ozarks. Towns 'round these parts measured a foot of the white stuff. Welcome to Misery!!! Heeeheehehe, I've renamed my state.

    You have yourself a wonderfully blessed day!!!!

  10. I hear you - We received 6" of snow on Saturday. What the heck?! At least a majority of it has melted.

    About my B&W photography class. It's quite a bit different than I was expecting. I thought I would be able to use my digital SLR camera. Nope. We have to use a 35mm and develop all of our own film and photos. At first I hated the class, but I'm slowly learning to love the whole process. It definitely makes me appreciate the technology we have now!

  11. We had a "dusting" of snow on Saturday morning, but luckily it was gone by noon and the sun started shining. We've had temps in the mid to high 40s the last couple of days, but the sun is so bright I must wear my shades! I see some chives peeking through. I'm with you - puleez--no more snow! Hang in there!

  12. Wow...that's a cold looking first day of Spring!! Here's to much warmer weather heading your way.....Happy Spring from Houston!

  13. thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! i too always love finding moms with girls.

    wow, that's cold! and a lot of snow! sure doesn't look like the first day of spring ;)

  14. Oh you poor thing!

    I hope you see peeks of green soon.

  15. Your photos of the snow are beautiful. We have something falling from the skies and blanketing all of our plants and trees too. So yes the grass is greener right now in my yard but unfortunately it is due to all the green pollen.
    Hopefully Spring will turn up soon.

  16. I LOVE this post! And I relate. I moved from Michigan last year and just went through "winter" and almost forgot Spring was coming. I feel I was living it for the past 4 months:)


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