Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day Parole at Bungalow'56....Let's Talk

Before I let you in on a little secret. 

I just wanted to thank all of you who sent well wishes my way during my incarceration.  
It meant so much to me. 
Just knowing I wasn't in the cleaning trenches alone, made my time doing hard labour pass by quickly.

If you have no idea what I am writing about you should probably start at the beginning, which highlights my arrest, the middle, chronicling my sentence, and then you can fill your boots today with the happy ending.

But now to let you in on my exciting secret.
I've been busted out, and I'm on the lamb.  
Please keep it on the down low though, as I'm not sure if my current location is within the parole parameters. 

Perhaps I'm being a little, teensy, weensy, overly melodramatic. 
Which, as you know, isn't usually my way.

Well almost never, ever.... except for yesterday. 
When I told The Agronomist I would perish if I had to match one more pair of his socks.
I was at the end of my matching socks rope.  
It couldn't be helped.  
Needless to say after that little outburst, The Agronomist made a few calls. 
And due to my good cleaning behavior yesterday I've been released on parole. 

We are on a road trip my friends.  For the first time since August I'm going to the Big City! 

The Agronomist needed to do a pick up and an exchange. 
I didn't pay too much attention to the details, all I heard was, "Do you want to come with me?"
A five hour drive along with The Agronomist?  Alone with The Agronomist? 
Him and me?
Me and Him, and the wide open road? 
Without any children? Is it possible dreams can come true?

All I knew was that I would have The Agronomist's undivided attention for five hours today and then again five hours tomorrow.  With perhaps a few hours of Big City shopping thrown in for good measure.  But that would be secondary.  Just the icing on the cake as it were. 

Hmmm...maybe we'll order some cake too. 
Big City Cake. 
Big City Cake with lots of icing.  Or maybe cheesecake.  I love cheesecake. I love Carrot Cake too...with cream cheese icing.  Big City Cream Cheese Icing.  Oh man, this is going to be the best trip ever!  EVER!
See? See what happens to my posts when I no longer have pictures to guide me?
As you can see, I am so looking forward to it. The trip, not the cake. 
I mean, we would have time to talk
We haven't had time to talk in such a long time. 
I love talking with The Agronomist. 

It would be the perfect opportunity to discuss our feelings.  
He would be able to explain to me how he feels about things, and then I would share my feelings in return. 

I've already made a list of topics.  One for each hour.
It's going to be wonderful.

I know the scenery is going to be wonderful too. 
The northern prairies can be beautiful at this time of year. 
But the talking,  that's what I'm  really looking forward to the most. 
All those things we never get a chance to discuss, we can share our points of view and how they make us feel, for the full five hours. 
I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am over this opportunity.  
The chance to really delve deeply into The Agronomist's mind

I know The Agronomist is thrilled about it too. 
Aren't you Sweetie? 
He can't wait to talk with me.  
Am I right honey? 

I'll be sure to tell you all the details tomorrow.
I know it's going to be a special bonding trip, that The Agronomist is going to remember for many years to come.  It will be etched into his memory.
He doesn't fool me.  No sirree.
I know he's going to be talking and sharing a mile a minute as soon as I turn off this blog.

Because after 17 years of marriage we literally know what the other is thinking.
...aand over the past four months, that has become especially true for The Agronomist.

I don't know what has changed? 
But it amazes me, how he just seems to be able to read my mind these days?

It's as though he's been reading my thoughts...literally. 
I mean he just asked me if I wanted to stop for cake?

From the cab of The Agronomist's pickup,
Over and Out,

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  1. We're almost 17 years too...and yes..we read each others minds. Tomorrow I'm blogging about my wedding day. I hope you enjoy your alone time!

  2. Adorable - the photos, the post, the two of you, all adorable!

  3. Wonderful pictures! We were married 17 years this year, too! Your post made me smile! When we are in the car that long, I talk too much and Tony too little!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Oh wow, lucky you!!! You must have done a GREAT job to be granted parole (lol!) Enjoy the road trip and the "talk"!!! :-)

  5. That Canadian sky is something else. AZ sky is not that exciting. It IS always blue, but . . .
    I've found that even walking for 15 minutes at night with my hubby is a treat. That drive would be heaven. Have fun!

  6. This is so weird. How can do nothing but just wait for your posts?

    Oh, I am such a sick puppy.

  7. You crack me up! Have fun now!


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