Thursday, April 29, 2010

Us Time And Me Time

The Agronomist and I managed to sneak away for a day and a night.   We saw many wonderful things. 

These toilet paper holders were one them.  I thought they made so much sense.  Kid's could manage changing these without any problem whatsoever.  I was enamored.  

After I downloaded the picture though, It also struck me as a good metaphor for our life lately as a couple.  

We have been there to support the needs of our family,  on a daily basis for the past 15 years. We stand beside each other through thick and thin,  and yes we hang out together and still enjoy each other's company.  

But life has a way of wearing you down, piece by piece.  As a couple we need to strive for more than working side by side.  It is so easy to put your marriage behind the kids, the job... the needs of the 91 year old grandmother.  Don't get me wrong, we are very happy.  

We just need to switch to a double layer single roll, instead of the single layer, side by side set up.
It will still get the job done. 
Isn't it amazing where life's inspiration will hit you? 
Or does this just happen to me?

Our whirlwind trip was a great beginning step towards this goal.
I felt like Cinderella with her Prince whisking her away in her carriage. 

We saw some beautiful sites...  Truly,  it was one of the nicest gas stations I have ever seen.  I mean take a good look at those toilet roll holders again and tell me I'm wrong? 

It doesn't take much to make this girl happy.  That's why The Agronomist loves me.

And while we needed some couple time,  I also was looking forward to some "alone" time as well.  

The Agronomist dropped me off at IKEA while he continued on his way to meet someone?  And pick up some stuff?  It was all background noise once I heard IKEA, I couldn't focus.  
He told me he would be back in four hours.  And.... can you beleive it, he would still have the "carriage" with him?  Oh Bliss, Oh Joy!  

IKEA... Four hours... HUGE trailer at my disposal?  Can my guy show a girl a good time or what?

I was armed with my camera.  I was going to make some decisions about The Bungalow.  No more indecision about what I wanted.  I was on a mission.

I decided on some picture display's and I found some wall colours I loved.

I found some inspiration for almost every room in the house.  

And I found a deal that would make any Frugalista jump for joy.  I managed to contain myself. I couldn't believe my luck.  The Swedish stars must have been aligned.  
I am so excited, I am still unable to write about it.

So stay tuned for another installment of Frugal Friday's Finds tomorrow. I will have it under control by then.
The Agronomist and I had a great supper at a restaurant reminiscent of Pop Tate's.

And we frequented some of our favourite places.  

As for my list of topics I wanted to share with The Agronomist? 
We ended up going with a more organic approach and discussed many varied topics.  
It's The Agronomist's way.
I had forgotten what a great listener he is... the whole Ying to my Yang thing.
But we also figured out some important family stuff.  
Now as always, the challenge is to walk the walk, because as per usual... I've already got the whole talking the talk scenario down pat.
And as for the girls?  They had a great time at Grandma and Grandpas.

But as you all know, the best part about going away, is that you appreciate even more, what you have at home.

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  1. Man, I never realized how deep are toilet paper rolls!

  2. Just found you!...not even sure how..Very cute blog, I love the name :) I'm now following!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time with The Agronomist, Dana. You're so right in stating that couple time is important. I, too, have often overlooked that in the busyness of raising my family. Thanks for the reminder.

    Your analogy to the rolls of toilet paper was very clever. I need to show that to my husband, who always claims I can create a blog post from anything. I'll point to yours and say, "See, I'm not the only one!"

  4. Minnesota, Those two rolls just looked like an old married couple to me. Thanks for the comments everyone. Welcome Tanya!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Don't you just love little getaways with the hubs? We try to go for a night about twice a year if we're lucky - we live for those days! You are totally right though - so easy to lose yourself among kids and jobs!

  6. Great post. So thoughtful. And I can't believe the tp was at the gas station. Thought it was the hotel. And I can't wait to see what you loaded that trailer up with at IKEA. Oh, I love IKEA. Yes. Very much.

  7. Yes! [pumping fist in air} You posted.

    I can breathe again.

    Sounds wonderful. Wish I were you...

  8. Hi Dana,

    I work with the agronomist, but in another province. He informed me of your blog and I try to read them daily. As a newly wed you have provided me with some great insight on the keys to marriage as well as the simple things in life, and for that I thank-you.

    I find it humorous how we never see the agronomists face in any of the pics. Sorta reminds me of the t.v sitcom "Home Improvement" and the neighbor behind the fence.

    Anyway, keep blogging, I really enjoy them.

    From one province over,


  9. IKEA????

    Oooooohhhh...envy envy envy. I love Ikea. But there's that whole massive-pay-cut-while-I-try-to-start-a-business thing, and I've been soooooo good about my budget.

    Ikea would ruin me.

    And did I mention the envy?

  10. SO glad you had a wonderful time! Your man is awesome to leave you at IKEA for 4 hours! WOW! I would love that! And those ARE some pretty cool tp roll holders :)

  11. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I love the stuff at IKEA and i love those tissue holders!!!

  12. Well just slap me silly and knock me off the hay wagon! What a take on toilet paper...heeehehe!!! Cracked me up!

    I'm so glad you and Hubs had a great couple time getaway. Can't wait to see your loot!

    God bless and have a terrific Thursday!!!

  13. glad you were able to get "honey" time & ikea ~ in one trip!

  14. As someone who used to live in Canada, can you guess which part of your "us and me time" I was most envious of? Tim Horton's.


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