Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful for:
:: having time to work on my project 365, and finding new and wonderful pictures I had overlooked

:: the dirty bathroom I hate to clean, because I am grateful that I have a bathroom to clean

:: the flowers Grandpa bought for his granddaughters, to celebrate a job well done

:: the night of charades and one eyed jack that helped to ease the disappointment of not going for supper

:: Nana who at 91 still finds things to smile about
:: for the hairdresser who comes to her room to give her the perms that make her feel so pretty

:: the interest and enjoyment my middle daughter is finding with photography as I find her photos on my camera.

:: wonderful adjudicators at the music festival
:: connecting with friends
:: my sister's midwives who are there for her, when she is so far away from family
:: the Franciscan monk who spoke at Mass today and made everything seem so simple
:: for the Sold sign on the house that had been for sale for a very long time
:: for dry pavement, that makes driving fun again

What were you grateful for this week?


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  1. I am grateful for a husband who grocery shopped for me today - after completely blowing off our anniversary this week. After being together 12 years - having him grocery shop is very romantic. Now if he would just clean the bathroom...

  2. Love the pictures and the simple things to be grateful for ... thanks Dana!
    ~D via facebook

  3. Your photography is always so intriguing...your perspectives are wow!

    I'm grateful today for my great guy who spent Sunday with me driving the Ky countryside and just being together.

    and your lovely post.

  4. I'm grateful for a Sunday where I had time to take a two-hour nap, dinner at the park with cousins where the weather was absolutely perfect,
    and for a six-month-old baby who routinely sleeps through the night (she didn't last night, so I know how lucky I usually am).
    Love the photos.

  5. great photos (esp the flowers!!) grateful that hubby wanted to skip out of Mass a few mins early! Please tell us more about the Franciscan monk:) simply grateful for my hubby & kids:)

  6. I'm glad the middle daughter made sure the pots were clean! RL


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