Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Another Day At Bungalow'56

Ma am There's Been A Complaint

Knock Knock

Creeeak, Yes officer?

Ma am, is this Bungalow'56?

Yes Sir, it is.  How can I help you?

Ma am, we are from the department of Hazardous Waste, and there has been a complaint made.

A complaint?

Yes, it has been brought to our attention that there is an accumulation of hazardous waste on this site and we must investigate.


Ma am is it true, that there are petrified dishes in your sink?

Um... yes I'm afraid that is true.

Is it also true that you have mountains of smelly, possibly moldy, piles of laundry that are accumulating on the floor at various points in the home?

Umm moldy?  I'm not sure?

Ma am, we have surrounded the perimeter and our  hazardous waste-o-meter is indicating high concentrations of mess and possibly dangerous levels of baked on grime.


We have been sent pictures ma am.

What kind of pictures?  By who?

Here is the evidence that we were sent.  It required an investigation ma am.

Are these your Nails ma am?
We believe they were painted only a few days ago.

Yes. But I didn't know this was a crime?

We understand the painting of these nails has resulted in the inability for you to clean or immerse your hands in water.
Is this true ma am? ... Our sources are very reliable.

Yes Officer, yes it's true. I'm so sorry.  I had no idea painted nails resulted in this kind of chaos?

Ma am, that is why we are here.
We work in conjunction with the Blog police and I'm afraid we have decided to shut down your site until your house is no longer messy and laundry and dishes are caught up.

WHAT?  But.. but... that could take weeks?  What about my readers?

Ma am, we understand these are drastic measures, but the Department of Hazardous Waste is cracking down.
You will be under strict house arrest until the situation is under control.  We will be quarantining your house until further notice, and will require you to run our official announcement on your blog.

Have a good day maam.

Creeak, click.

Dear Readers,

The following blog will be closed until further notice. Please enquire with the
Or you may call the 
Department of Hazardous Waste 
for updates.

Thank you,
The DOHW Department of Hazardous Waste

This is an official announcement brought to you from 
Bloggers Anonymous in conjunction with 
Fed Up Husbands and Hungry Kids.

Good bye dear readers,

Please send food.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. The police have been by house as well. :)

  2. LOL your nails look great, even if your house doesn't... :)

  3. Oh man, they might be on their way to my house. I better get cleaning!!

  4. No - never let them take you alive!

  5. So funny Dana

  6. Lol, you are too funny! Pretty nails btw!

  7. oh boy! it does seem that we get involved in one thing (blogging) all else slips by the wayside! great post. i wouldn't have done housework if my nails looked that good, either!)

  8. I love that first pic.
    And who cares about the house?

  9. Oh darn, did they say where they were headed next ... because I'm thinking they might be headed over here. Thanks for the giggle and have fun with the house cleaning. Love the nails btw.

  10. Oh. Are we supposed to clean our houses, too? Oops!

  11. I'm not sure if they are monitoring my comments, but I've taken the first step. I've bought some cleaning products : ) And thanks for the offer of your labeler Lori. I actually have one... I just can't find it.

  12. Oh, my, but those nails are so worth a messy house.

    How can anyone not get that????

  13. Ditto that! I have taken a few steps back with posts just to try and balance it all out!

  14. eeek,I'm afraid to answer the door now! lol

  15. I always knew you had criminal tendancies...shifty eyes etc.
    ~Megan via facebook

  16. You are so creative with your posts! Goodluck with the cleaning! hope the Dept. of Hazardous Wastes does not come a-knocking on my door!

  17. No. No. Just sleep less....and get busy cleaning and hurry back to blogging!
    But wear gloves...I love your nails too!

  18. Hilarious!! I felt the urge to clean this week too. My night stand had a dangerous accumulation of dust and the wind was blowing some dust bunnies over the living room floor ;o)

  19. Ha! Just because I've been blogging for 2 hours instead of doing laundry, doesn't mean I'm a bad mom, does it??? :)-

  20. How did you get into my house?

  21. This is hilarious! I'm always glad to know I'm not the only one but I don't even have nice nails to show for it!

  22. I. LOVE. THIS.

    Great post!!!

    Just now getting around to visiting everyone's memories on a lazy walk down memory lane! Thanks for linking up!

    The Lazy Mom


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