Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Had Sprung....Just Not Where I Was Looking.

Last night after supper the girls said, "Mom come outside with us, we want to go play." I was happy to go, as it was a warm beautiful spring evening, and I figured it would provide me with perfect lighting for some outdoor shots.  
I had been waiting, and waiting for the opportunity to start taking some pictures outside.  

Pictures that would burst with the colours of spring.  

So while the girls ran around in the front yard, I went in search of beautiful new spring subjects. 

The above seed pod wasn't exactly bursting with new life, although it was quite beautiful in its own right.

I figured spring must have sprung somewhere?  I just wasn't looking close enough, nor in the right place.

But even after looking closely at the trees, the signs weren't good.
I did manage to find some new green grass starting to poke up,

and a bud or two thinking about opening up shop.

But I have to admit I was disappointed.  The beautiful spring pictures I had envisioned, were nowhere to be found.

In fact I was getting a little frustrated as the girls kept yelling "Watch me mom. Watch this. Look at what I can do!"
When I turned around to ask them to give me just five minutes to take some pictures, I realized I had been looking in the wrong place all along.
I should have realized that...
with every shout of, "Mom watch my cartwheel."  
Spring had sprung after all,  in spite of the brown grass.

I needed to look at what else was blossoming.  

Spring was here... 

and the colours that I had been hoping would arrive with it?... Were in fact abundant and beautiful.

I just had to look more closely.
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  1. What a sweet post. Sometimes we are looking so hard to fail to see what is right in front of us.

  2. Aw, how touching. And I love the final shoe photo - amazing.

  3. Beautiful post and pictures! Love the shoes!

  4. I love reading your blog Dana.
    Wish I could do a cartwheel....

  5. Those shoes in the last photo? AMAZING!!!!!!!

  6. You're right. Sometimes we look and don't see. You definitely saw, although it took you awhile. But your perspective on spring ended up being precious and unique and just as delightful as any unfurling leaf.

    That you are able to find the unexpected in your photography is a true talent.

  7. I love that last shot. Love it. The colors, the angle. Beautiful... Spring here we come!

  8. Great shots of the girls. Those colors are wonderful!!

  9. I love it MOM!!

  10. Sometimes your blogs make me choke up a little - this was one of them! You are right, sometimes we are looking in the wrong direction...

  11. Wow! Great post & such a lovely outcome with photos that you will treasure forever!


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