Friday, April 09, 2010

What Do I Miss When I Say No?

My youngest daughter's class went bowling yesterday, and she was wondering if I was coming?
With all of the "to do" things on my list I was tempted to say No.
Would my being there really make a difference in the long run?
A whole afternoon? 
It could be used to accomplish so much?
Would I really miss anything important?

Like the experience of her wanting to hold my hand on the walk, to and from the school?

Would she care that I saw her make a strike on her first throw?

Will it matter down the road, when she is a teenager and wants to go to the movies with Maddie and Kallen, that I know who they are?

Would I miss the smiles I got throughout the afternoon?
And the memories we were able to create?

The answer is No...
only because I wouldn't have known what it was I was missing.

As a Mom, No is such an easy response which can be justified in so many ways.

 This was initially going to be a funny little bowling post, but as I looked at the pictures and realized I almost missed it, I was surprised by how it made me feel.
I realized overriding those quick No's is often what makes life worthwhile.

Yesterday was a YES day!
and that made all the difference : )

It makes me wonder what I've been missing on all those No days? 

I have to constantly remember that I will always have time for the things I put first.  
And I will never regret putting...being a Mom first.

This mom moment was brought to you by Hormonal Friday @ Bungalow'56 

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  1. Great post! It is hard to say yes sometimes...but I'm sure your daughter was thrilled to have you there. Awesome pics and lifetime memories!

  2. Oh gosh, this has been hormonal WEEK at The Rad Life... glad I'm in good company!

    I love this post. I feel like I often get swept up in the 'important things on my to do list' when really, they're not important. I can only imagine that I'll feel that more when I have kids someday. I'm going to tuck this post into my mind for those times when the LIST tempts to keep me from something more fun and more important.

    GREAT reminder today, Dana! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. so true, so true

    your post is a good reminder of what is most important in life

    have a great weekend

  4. "yes" days rock ..... who wants to miss bowling to do "errands" *ick*

  5. Hormonal Friday - I LOVE it!! Made this hormonal lady cry.....

  6. I've got to tell you, I love your blog Dana!

  7. Aww, that post made me tear up -- as much for saying yes as for saying no. Because I've definitely had both days... Glad you went though :)

  8. Dana, your hormonal fridays are lovely.

  9. Oh, this made me glad I'm still at home every day, and sad that I won't be soon!!! You are so talented Dana.

  10. i said "no" the other night. i missed a bird exhibit.
    i felt a bit guilty that i chose to do nothing over joining them, but i home school, and time alone is rare.

    they came home and were thrilled to tell me of their evening with daddy and the birds. maybe i had gained something by missing something? their excitement and conversation.

  11. So true.... often we miss things we wish we had not. I go to school and help out on Friday in Kindergarten, am I REALLY needed there? Yes, cause it means the world to the twins when they come in and see me there. I also get to see them in a different environment.

  12. Love this post! I say no way too often.

  13. I have a feeling that you typically say YES and that you are there a lot for your girls. Nice post!


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